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    Hi guys @ A&H!
    I have a theatreproduction, where 52 actors will share 28 Lavaliers (budget)…therefore it would be more convinient to be able to create IncRecall and DecRecall user defined keys…ok, it is possible to do that in every scene, but its not elegant.
    Much more important is that the marked scene has to follow the recalled scene with a user defined storebutton!
    I recall scene 20 and scene 20 is marked in the scenewindow.
    Then you can change your parameters an store them into that scene , you are working with in time.
    at the moment you have to go to the scenewindow, pay attention to marke that scene, you are just working on and store your changes…..that makes your workflow to slow.
    I assume, that could be a nice feature for musicshows with several scenes to…
    The usual way should be: Recall your scene, make your changes, press “store” and recall the next scene.
    To be able to have hundrets of scenes with that Scenemanagement makes no sense.
    Copy and paste of scenes does not work.
    How do I create a cuelist?
    The GLD is a phantastic Console! Good sounding, a lot of processingpower…but at the moment with that scenemanagement for theatrepurposes not to recommend.
    Software 1.02
    greetings from berlin

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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