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    Not really a question, just a small comment.

    Last night we tried our digital link ACE cards for the first time, iDR48 on Mon and iDR16 on FOH, with the smaller rack being the slave and sending just FOH outputs.
    This was our first outing, after testing the integrity of the system, and after a lengthy sound check (more of a rehearsal actually) we started hearing a distinct clicking noise on the Main PA. Not audible on Monitors. So began the lengthy search for the faulty mic or DI box. Failure, no single channel had the noise, it was random.
    When sound check is over we go to dinner and I can’t eat, thinking about the problem, because at that time I concluded it had to be related to the digital link.
    So I came here to the forum, did a small search, found someone with the same issue, and how they solved it (audio sync configuration…duhhh), and solved it myself, 3 minutes before show starting…

    So, thanks for A&H for creating this community where we can share our issues, and knowledge,and achieve the same goal of great sound with a system we love and trust.

    Surface: T112 / T80
    Rack: iDR48 / iDR16
    PC: Editor 1.83
    iPad2: MixPad

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    Same old, same old any clicks and pops check the clocks- been there couple of times. Though Miguel is correct the forum is a great asset.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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