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    Hi all,

    With our new concept, we are using the following FoH ‘channels’:

    Left / Right – Instruments
    Centre – Vocals
    Mono – biased towards drum sounds
    ‘Sub’ – mono bass

    The obvious ‘Main Mix’ set-up to use is LCRM, with a Matrix for the Mono Sub … or is it?

    Is it better to use the LCRM or to use the ‘speaker processor’ effect? We currently use the analogue outputs from the iDR32, but as we are using MADI in for all the instrument samples from Mac, we are likely to move over to MADI out and AES as our amps are all digital capable (Crown iTech.)

    I realise this is an unusual set-up, but there might be people out there that have tried and failed with this stuff and can help us avoid pitfalls! :-)

    Have a great weekend!

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    What you describe is not really surround, but distribution, so I would definately just solve the whole thing with matrix outs, and not the speaker processor :) as it’s possible to eq and delay the matrix channels separately it should be no problem, assuming you are not using surround fx.

    And if you need some fx in surround, I would do these with automation or control from the laptop you mentioned, and a 5-6 MADI channels routed to the different matrixes. You should easily be able to program/automate some fx this way.

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    Takk for det, Vilddyr! :-)

    No – you’re correct: it’s not ‘surround sound’ as such. And it does indeed make more sense to use the matrix outs, rather than the “speaker processor” for the reasons you mention. I just hope I have enough buses with all the routing that we currently do with summed inputs for IEM routing … We’ll find out.

    Thanks again! :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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