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    Hi, I just wanted to share with you guys that I just finished my second event mixing with an iDR16 and no desk, just iLive Editor and iPad on Wi-Fi.
    First time we did a music trio live performance, and second time just some speeches and presentations.
    The thing is, it works… and on a small venue like a Restaurant or small conference room, real estate is valuable, and your FOH position is like a Unicorn…a fabled beast that you hear some people talk about, but never really saw.
    So, basically, thank you to Allen&Heath for providing a really nice piece of new gear that actually works as a valuable tool in your daily job.

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    yep same here i do it all the time for small stuff or single band events –
    idr 48 – ipad – old vaio (single core haha)- and a behringer bcf 2000.

    with the bcf by mistake i tried to have a preset ready wich was wrong – first i prepare the show with editor and the pad and once set i only address the important faders and “knobs” i ll really need for running the show (such as delay send, fex returns ,soloists on foh ,and some dca mutes) works great.


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    I’ve only recently splashed out and bought a T80 surface (after 2+ years of owning first an iDR32, then an iDR48), before that I mixed every show with a laptop & Mixpad… and I have to say that I still do most shows that way! There’s a huge convenience factor in it for single band gigs, and again not needing to set up a FOH position almost decides it for me on most shows!

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    Originally posted by Rui Miguel

    The thing is, it works…

    Yup it does. This is my primary system as I mainly do sound for my band and small venues. There is simply no room at these venues for a console out front but always room for an iPad and a laptop on/side the stage. :)

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