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    I am a noobie when it comes to recording in general. I really don’t know the difference between dante, protools, etc.

    Given that the GLD only has one slot available for an add on card, which one would you recommend for multichannel recording for a Church system run by volunteers? Why?

    Are all the add-on cards the same price?

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    Short answer is Dante.
    Pretty easy to make it work.
    Although im not super sure the card slot is activated on thie current firmware.

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    Yes, Dante is the way to go. It does work on current GLD firmware (saw it on a demo this week)

    You install the virtual soundcard application on your PC/Mac and then it’s just a case of a single network cable between your GLD and your computer.

    You then need some software on your computer to record it, such as Reaper. I think anything that is ASIO (PC) or CoreAudio (Mac) compatible should work?

    Reaper also has advantages for the volunteer environment such as being able to set up templates, macros etc to do what you need, although it’s a bit of a trick to set it all up in the first place.

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    Although I don’t have a GLD available to me at this point, I’m planning on getting a GLD with Dante for my Church (hopefully in the near future…I’m ready to put in about $5k from my own pocket so that we do go that route).

    I currently use Reaper for recording, and when I had Snow Leopard (Mac), I could actually make my calendar launch Reaper and automatically start recording every Sunday at 10:35, then quit and save at 12:30. Worked like a charm….too bad it seems like Lion doesn’t like doing it…still need to try to figure that out….

    you can demo Dante between eg. a pair of computers (or even virtual machines)….thats what I did a few months ago…it was pretty cool how Dante seems to work….

    my iLive setup:
    offline editor on mac, demo content on ipod touch

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    Thanks all of you for your responses.

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    What is the difference between MWave and Dante? Are they pretty much the same thing just a different network protocol?

    Any advantage of one over the other?

    What is the price difference between the two cards?


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