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    Hi iLive users,

    I work at a college and we’ve just been given $20k to upgrade to a digital console. The hope is we’ll spend less money on rentals of digital consoles for outside groups. 20k is a perfect number for something like an M7, or a T112 and iDR48. Personally I’d love to go with the iLive system over an M7, but several of the bands that have come through in t he last few weeks have reacted negatively to the idea, one even saying ‘oh i’d never mix a show on an ilive’ These bands are small enough that they cannot dictate terms, but large enough that they carry their own engineer if that makes sense.

    Basically, the M7’s heads sound not-so-great, and it’s a fairly old design at this point. I assume other iLive users have run into similar issues, and I was wondering how you’ve addressed these issues. As far as I understand it the new firmware versions have solved the vast majority of issues people had when the system first came out?

    Also a few small questions I can’t seem to find answers to online.
    Flip-to-faders – can you flip basically anything like on a Digidesign?
    External keyboard for entering channel names – supported?

    Thank you

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    Hi tk2k

    I have run into a number of clients with the same concern as you. iLive is not as rider friendly as M7. With that said, i havent found anyone that is convinced that the M7 sounds better. I find the iLive superior in sound, user friendlyness, connectivity, weight and etc. If the bands that you host dont really have riders and you dont intend on trying to be too rider friendly, than just go for the better quality product.
    There really hasnt been any issues with the iLive series in a really long time. I have close to 20 systems installed and two system in my rental inventory and i cant remember the last time i got a call.
    In summary, you get a lot more for the iLive, but you have to make a decision based on your goals.

    Flip-to-faders function is a default for aux mixing in iLive.
    USB ports on the back can be used for keyboard.

    Hope this helps.

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.
    iLive 176, T112
    iDR48 , iDR16, iDR10
    Multiple iPads

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    I can only agree with Gil.
    iLive sound is superior, weight, space. etc.
    AND you will have a digital snake in the basic deal.

    And as for bands traveling, I have never heard anyone complain on
    mixing on the iLive, or the sound quality.
    Start up time and scene editing yes, but this is not really a deal breaker here.
    Not if it would be my decision, anyway…

    I have 4 iLive systems on my rental, and 1 DiGiCo SDTEN.
    The iLive’s are out ALL the time. The DIGICo has been out ONE TOUR in 12 months.

    Best Regards,



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    I understand your concerns, but as an Band Technician myself i understand. Shurely they have an file for the M7, so they load their settings and are almost done and with an other console standing there its more work for them.

    I had many guest technician of support bands mixing on my console (T112) and everybody was ready to go in about 5 minutes time (of course i was “babysitting” all the time.
    And everybody said afterwords – great console – very good sound – great handling.

    So all you can do here is
    1. buy an M7, a Venue SC48 or a Midas Pro2
    2. get yourself into the Ilive and help the coming technicians and let the Ilive talk for itself! Just tell them you are preparing everything – and they just need to do the basic mixing.

    So, i think thats it. Forgot to mention – Nr. 2 works for me very well. [:D]

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    Thanks everyone,

    That makes a lot of sense

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    i just wanted to add that PRO2 & SC48 Does not releases you from “Baby sitting”
    1x T80
    2x iDR32
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI
    Macbook Pro,2x Macmini+DVS
    evolution of SOVIET TANK

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    Originally posted by Robert

    i just wanted to add that PRO2 & SC48 Does not releases you from “Baby sitting”

    Ha ha true that, I can’t tell you how many touring engineers can’t find their way around a Profile rig. I find it blissfully simple but some guys just don’t get it.

    Granted, you should see me try and rout an fx on the M7 [:p]

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