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    Is there a way to gang the mains and mono sends to have them run off the same fader or at least have control from one fader. my mono output feeds a seperate room so I want a different eq delay etc on it than the mains but I would like it’s level to be controled by the main output fader – possible?


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    Assign a DCA to them and then use that as your “master” fader. Another/ better way is to use matrix outputs to feed your main system and all other system/ zone/ record feeds etc. To do this first assign to your main mix faders as normal – place these main faders at unity gain “0” dB and disable eq/ compression etc. Then use a stereo matrix and assign the main mix faders to it – and assign its outputs to your main speaker system. Also set up a mono matrix the same way to feed your other zone. Use the eq/ delay etc on each matrix output instead of on the mains. You can then assign a DCA to the matrix outputs so one fader controls both (relatively). You can actually then “hide” the main faders in a layer as you won’t need to get to them. Set up other stereo matrix’s to feed record outputs, front fill speakers, etc etc. hope that helps.


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    Thanks Richard
    – I knew I could do it using a DCA but was wondering of I could gang them like input channels – I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Matrix sends. There were two matrix sends in the template I started with but if I remove a channel from the matrix it also disapears out of my main mix eeven though it is still routed there.

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    Hi Collin

    In a nut shell, Matrixes are just extra outputs. They can be fed only by outputs, eg. Mains. So when you thought you were removing inputs from the Matrix, you were in fact removing them from the mains.

    Do this:
    – press Mix on the desired matrix
    – go to your mains LR and make sure it says On, then turn LR up. That will feed the LR to the matrix
    – do the above two steps to another matrix (stereo or mono)

    Now you will have two outputs that are fed from your LR. You can now EQ, compress and etc independently.

    If you still need some hints on how to set it up, give me a call and ill guide u through it.

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