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    Enyone that recently have bought a new GLD,,what its sound like – compared to iLive T112 whith IDR 48 , same quality ?? same “power” in processing ?? anyone that have some comment ??[:)]




    Originally posted by e-sound


    Enyone that recently have bought a new GLD,,what its sound like – compared to iLive T112 whith IDR 48 , same quality ?? same “power” in processing ?? anyone that have some comment ??[:)]


    I have never used the iLive so I can’t comment on the quality comparison but so far….

    I have rented out my new console for one event to another provider and used it for a couple of my own events already. I have it booked for the next six days on various shows.

    The sound is great. The effects are great but I need a Ping Pong Delay to be added so I can emulate certain recording’s effects.

    The compressors can be heavy or light, I find myself using the Slow Opto compressor the most. The gates can open really fast or really slow. They sound good. Very easy to set it without azny chatter.

    The preamps sound really good. When I compare it to my 01V96VCM there is one really noticable difference. On the Yamaha, to get my voice sounding half way decent I use a HPF around 200-212hz. On the GLD it is at 137hz. I found that interesting.

    There are still some little features that need to be fixed but I will be buying another one pretty quick here. I am overall very happy with it. The return on the investment is going to be great.

    Anyone that ever uses a GLD will never even want to use an LS9 ever again.

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    Hey.. Second that.. My previous mixer was an Yamaha LS9, and there are so many advantages in the GLD… I really don’t miss my LS9!
    except for one important thing: THE IPAD/PC remote!!!!!!!!
    Hope that will be added in the very first firmware update..

    for the rest.. I’m very happy with the full-size GLD-80.
    (after a bad start due to BETA firmware… but that’s solved now..)


    Ronald Guliker, The Netherlands ownes GLD-80

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    I can only compare to yamaha consoles to. The gld sounds really good!
    one interesting point: last weekend we have had an open air job with nearly 46 degree – at the FOH. The GLD remained stable and reliable! After the show i could see, that there has been a Qos-problem between console and stageboxes or thomething like that wich the console apparentely solved itself….during the show we could not notice any failure.
    So in a dusty and hot enviroment that console is really reliable and stable!
    Good Job A&H!!!
    If you change your scene-management to…perfect! (yamaha can not change their channelstrip – don’t forget…;-) )

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    Would you buy GLD 80 over the ilive R72 or the other way round seems like an interesting decision obviously various stagebox options

    The ipad wifi thing throws towards R72

    More controls on surface pushes towards GLD
    And maybe ipad app on the way

    Sound quality and speed of system important heard GLD very fast

    And control over system if engineer not available on smaller shows and venues where members operate their own pa


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    I have mixed regularly on an i-live and just purchased a GLD. They give me a similar sound. The GLD has faster processing or maybe it just takes less time to send a command locally than down the core. The channel drag & drop on the GLD is fantastic. It is such a simple console and I am very happy with it. I also have a couple of LS9’s as well and they still have their place. The Yamaha ipad control is second to none.
    Does the GLD sound as good as my Digidesign Venue board…no. But it was 1/4 the price and I can lift the GLD myself, whereas the venue takes a few guys to lift correctly.

    I am looking forward to a Mixwizard version of the GLD as a small rack mounted corporate board. That will kill in the market.

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