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    Hello everyone,

    Last night at my venue I had something strange happen. We had a 70’s folk “legend” on the down sing of his career in to do a solo show. Everything was setup and the promoter’s FoH guy was ready for sound check and I thought it was going to be a nice simple and easy night. Then, I get a panicked call about 10 minutes after sound check starts from FoH. “I need more EQ for the vocals”. I explained that the board (T-112/iDR-32/xDR-16) has 4 fully sweepable PEQ bands. But the talent was making all these calls from the stage for 3-5db changes on damn near every frequency on a 31-band graphic. “give me 3db at 315, now cut 1.5 at 200, boost 2db at 1k” etc. FoH quickly ran out of PEQ bands and the artist was wanting a bunch more. I’ve never found that I needed more than 4 bands of PEQ on an input. Well, the iLive lacks GEQ on the inputs so visiting guy ends up carving up the GEQ on the mains to accommodate the artists EQ requests on his vocal. The end result was an annoyed artist, pissed off engineer, and an irritated promoter. A bad night all around.

    I suppose if I had been at the desk I could have put the vocals into a mono group and used the GEQ on the group to give the artist what he wanted. But I wasn’t the one driving that night, and the visiting guy didn’t have enough familiarity with the iLive to set that up.

    So, how often do you want GEQ on inputs? How often do you see other people using it, or requiring it on riders?


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    I never had this request from anybody. Indeed inserting mono group would do the trick.
    If you need that kind of surgery FOH on a vocal than there is definitely something wrong either with the talent, the mike or with the front system. In that order [:D]
    If the talent was standing near FOH than that means he didn’t had trust in the foh guy either.
    You said he was calling from the stage so he was calling for monitor? The FOH could easily adjust the graphic on that aux. I am confused.


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    it is a old fashioned way folk or in general “acoustic” artists used to go for as in the 60s and 70s the parametric eqs where not as good therefore the inserted graphic eq s on their vocals and sometimes on “pick up” instrument channels.

    so basically the was a lack of communication – they should have told you “we need a graph inserted on the vocal mic”

    too people of those days WANT the same channel for moni and f.o.h. because the simply do not trust the engineers and do not understand that a wedge is something different than a pa system…..

    i remember tons of these-sorry- IDIOTS when i was house ing in a club (for 10 years) late 70s….it is the same breed insisting on hearing 10ms latencie…..

    ps: donovan and ralph mc tell used to be easy workers-10minutes check till te first arguing came:”WHERE S DINNER”

    not to forget randy newman (solo) said during dinner: “the only thing that sucks on my tour is my singin and my pianoplaying” (the show was the best solo performance i ever saw)

    yes in those day the hose crew would eat at the same table with the artists.

    louie bellson always came to the desk after the show to say thank you – different times better attitude[:)]


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    I’ve got Ralph McTell coming here this week!
    Guitar, piano, vocal, and no monitors,he is on ears.
    Sounds pretty straight forward. Hopefully no GEQ required!

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    hey say hello from dave – you`ll have to mention the atlantis club in basel switzerland
    probably 1991 the tour with donovan maybe he remembers (wich i dont believe)

    -enjoy at the time he was very cool…

    if he s in ear he must be up to date with sound….


    allways latest firm and software
    iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/

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    Talent is a little too needy!

    Glen Clark,
    T112, iDR48
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    Hi mds, don’t worry Ralph is a great guy, quite new to in-ears but willing to give modern ways a go. Say hi to him from me too.

    For the GEQ on inputs folk, routing through a group is easiest way to go. A few minutes to stop and explain to the guest engineer would usually do the trick, but if things get edgy as they can do though lack of information before a show then just keep cool and smiling, and think of the dinner :)
    All the best,

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    i understand that the number of GEQ must be equal to the number of outputs. but it seems A&H should have accommodated us with a 2 or 3 extras for this very purpose. why waste a mono group when you should be able to simply insert.

    The iLive of all consoles should do this, claiming to be the most analog-feeling console on the market. Most engineers in an analog environment insert a GEQ on lead mics! To me, the talent was asking for something that is present in most analog setups. The GEQ is the ONLY thing the iLive seems to have left out in the processing chain!

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