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    I so wish there was a option to 0db centre dent its probally my OCD but i find im constantly checking im on 0db with my faders. I do a show were i have to pull back the foh DCA vocs by 5db and front line wedges by 10db for chat inbetween every song. I then have to quickly when a number starts get both back to 0db i often find i overshoot a 0 line centre dent which i had when using SD8 makes life so much easier. And please dont say i should store a scence as id be constantly having to update it.


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    Id settle for a Default button prefence that would only apply to faders. It would be way easier than making a detent.

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    Sorry, this is an issue that only exists in your head. It doesn’t matter in real life if you put the fader on exactly 0dB or +0.2dB or -0.3dB.

    Such dent would have to be programmable. I wouldn’t like to have those dents at the 0dB input/output fader line when in GEQ fader flip. Also I have these situations too, where I need to pull back some outputs for a short time a place them back to were they where, but I never had the feeling “I need dents”. For this problem I would rather prefer other solutions. One would be an “auto scene update when recalling another scene” updating the last used scene if you recall a new scene, so you have stored your last settings. Another would be a “undo scene change buffer” where you can go back to the last settings before recalling a scene.

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    i wish iLive had Macros, after spending some time on SD8 i found them very versatile for ‘dimming’ and other such things.


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    Whats the macros of the Digicos?

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