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    I have one question. My “boss” didn’t want to update our iLive, we are still on 1.72 and I would like to convince him to let me update our iLive system. He is still looking for any cons this update could have and blindly belives update will ruin everything.

    Now he came up with a finding, that updated iLives have bigger current consumption and he don’t want to hear about update anymore.

    So I want to ask you, people from A&H, if this is something he should worry about.

    I also want to ask for any cons our update could bring to us, just to show him.

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    Hi there, there is no disadvantage to upgrading the firmware. 1.83 is fairly bug free and has Lotts of new features.
    The only disadvantage is the 10 minutes it takes to do it.
    All your show files are compatible! Why not do it.
    As far as the current thing is concerned, that sounds like a load of junk to me. It’s a software upgrade, how could it change your hardware.


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    Hi zblebt

    We recommend all users update to the latest version of firmware when possible. This gives you the latest features and fixes bug’s in previous versions of firmware. v1.83 is very stable and most users have updated to this software already.
    As jim has said this is a software update and therefore there will be no noticable difference in current consumption by upgrading to v1.83.

    I hope that helps and hopefully your boss will let you get upto date soon :)

    Sam A&H

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    Thank you, I hope this will change his opinion. :)

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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