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    any possibilities with extensioncards?[:p]

    for better understanding ->

    regards …… joe

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    I’ve just taken on an agency with the Australian distributor for the MyMix system, it seems like a really good (and not very expensive!) product, it will be interesting to see if it gets the same support technologies such as Aviom have seen.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Joe,

    You can use an M-MMO audio option card in your MixRack Port B, and connect 2x ADAT outputs to the IEX16L-A interface for MyMix.
    M-MMO can also fit in iLive modular surfaces if they are equipped with the RAB-2 standard.


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     hi nicola,

    on the mymixsite i found this:
    AVB Networking Protocol
    myMix uses a modified AVB network to operate on standard hardware. AVB is an open source protocol that is currently pending standards ratification by the IEEE. As soon as the protocol is standardized, and AVB switches are available, a simple firmware update will take myMix to full AVB readiness.

    is this the same protocol used with the Dantecard?

    or am i wrong …

    regards …… joe

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    Unfortunately you are incorrect,
    AVB is a standard, not a protocol. And mymix uses an ip protocol and it is not compatible with Dante.
    The new input box from mymix has ADAT inputs and would work well with a MMO card. At this moment this is the only way to interface mymix with iLive.

    It would be really nice to have a protocol conversion box to interface the two, but at this time neither company has shown interest in making such box. I’ve asked.

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    I’m a huge fan of mymix. We installed the first two systems in florida and they are both running super smooth.
    There is a 5ms latency on a point to point system with analog inputs. However not a single musician has complained about it. That latency alone makes it unusable with Dante however.

    Gil Parente
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    Hey, we’re having a problem with using myMix and hum in our mains. When we connect a mic and an instrument to the same myMix unit we get a hum in our main speakers. We use myMix as a monitor system and do not send a signal from myMix to our sound board. We use y-connectors to send audio from a mic – one line to myMix, one to the audio board. I suspect that there is some sort of cross-talk going on in the y-cables creating a hum. Any ideas? Should we be using a spliter instead?

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    It is not advisable to Y a microphone. You should be using a microphone splitter that isolates the the splits from one another.

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    Read about ground loops here:


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    Originally posted by gilparente

    …That latency alone makes it unusable with Dante however…

    How do you mean? The pure network latency of Dante is around 0.3ms point to point.
    The latency towards Dante within the Mixrack itself still has to be measured in combination with the rednet card. I assume this will not be higher than the analog input to analog output latency that averages around 1.3ms.
    We’re not talking about the virtual soundcard driver of course.

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