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    Disabling the broadcast of the SSID will keep smartphones and the like from polling and bogging down your router which could cause connection issues. A lot smart phones hitting your router at the same time will bring it to its knees.


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    Tyler Marshall

    WOW guys thanks so much for the insight…. I had a show today and she worked fine without 300 students in the room, that all changed once they were in – wireless went stupid again.

    Wednesday I have 2 shows – will immediately try switching to 5Ghz and elevating the router. Will post my feedback hopefully Wednesday night.

    Tyler Martin
    H2 Entertainment, Winnipeg (Canada)
    iDR-16,iPad2 w/mixpad, Macbook Pro w/editor 1.83

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    Tyler Marshall

    Alright so the de-brief from the 2 Wednesday shows last week:

    Show 1: Middle-years school (not many smartphones in the room) – works all good thru Soundcheck, show starts – sitting maybe 50ft. from the now-elevated router, clean line of sight. Works no prob for 20 minutes then the sequence….

    1) Meters start randomly dancing around, GATE indicators flash (still have control of all mixes)
    2) Meters REALLY going nuts, still have control of currently selected output, can not change to other AUX or MIX
    3) Lose control, shut down, re-start app – wors fine for the rest of the show (40 minutes).

    The whole time I can swap back and forth to the keynote remote, and never lose wireless connectivity so I”m leaning back towards the mixpad app that may be buggy????

    Show 2: Afternoon in high-school, 550 student most with blackberrys (yes I do feel horrible for them) and iPhones.

    Mixpad work great for about 26 minutes off the top, meters start dancing around. I save myself the 5 minute sequence and pick a spot in the beginning of a song without too many adjustments and opt to re-start the app – then works fine for the rest of the show.

    I know I’m not providing much assistance for diagnosis but this is REALLY annoying. I”m hoping the next version of Mixpad (hopefully REAL soon) addresses some stability issues as I’m quite sure its not the wireless at this point.

    Gary I will be trying your remote desktop solution next week to overcome the lack of FX adjustments from Mixpad – thanks alot for the idea!

    Tyler Martin
    H2 Entertainment, Winnipeg (Canada)
    iPad2 w/mixpad
    D-Link DIR-815 (on 5GHz ‘A’ only, no WEP/WPA, Mac filter ON, Multicast ON
    Macbook Pro w/editor 1.83

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    I’ve done a few gigs using MixPad and Jump of various venue sizes upto about 400 people and have had no problems with MixPad freezing but I did when I first got the iPad until I messed around with my router settings. I think the router has a lot to do with people’s issues.

    For me Jump is a workaround and I’m looking forward to a upgraded MixPad but I fear the iPad1 maybe at its limit for future upgrades which limits us iPad2er’s for future improvements unless there will be two versions.

    I know some are looking for dual rack and xDR capability but selfishly as I only own a iDR-32 I would prefer to see more comprehensive custom layers and being able to drag a “Soft Key” strip into the custom layer. This would be the same size as the normal fader strip but with the fader and mute etc replaced by 8 soft keys the same as the surface. Obviously the soft keys can then be assigned to the functions the user chooses… tap tempo, mutes etc.

    In editor and surface soft key set we already have scene recall, what about options for prev and next and showing in the button the scene name?

    I also think the scene GO key should be two finger tap activated only to avoid any accidental touches!



    iDR-32 – Netgear Router
    Motion Computing LE1700 -wireless.
    Dell Latitude – hardwired to MixRack for emergencies!
    iPad2 & MixPad & Spashtop.
    Dante – in the very near future.

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