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    Relax. We’re just dreaming of what to add to an already outstanding system. Yes I wouldn’t mind pres on the surface. Yes I can add external pres. And more cables. And no recall on settings. Yes I know it will add cost. And I don’t expect A&H to ever offer it. It’s just a wish list.

    And what all wi-fi standards have I missed? 802.11g should still work with almost anything and is 9 years old. N is over 3 years old (but my 5 year old MacBook has it). AC is just beginning. So probably a G/N router built in. Just less cables and power supplies to deal with. A&H could also control the firmware and make setting it up a snap. Not that it’s hard as it is, but again. Just a wish list.

    As far as something I would absolutely love to see is an adjustable slope on the hpf. That would be excellent and usable by everyone I do believe. :)

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    A bigger touch screen or a kit to hook up a bigger touch screen that would mount in place of that tiny one.
    Filters on the fans.
    Smaller would be better.
    More busses.
    Another row of outputs on the mix racks.
    Another 8 customizable buttons
    I agree with putting a usb port on top.


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    If you want pretty lights, buy a midas [:D]

    More soft-keys and 4 programmable rotarys would indeed be nice.
    i always use the keys for monitor mixes. So nothing left for Tap, eff send,
    Wat would also be nice are scrible strips next to the softkey/rotary’s so you don’t have to put that ugly tape next to them.


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    You can use an external touchscreen with the current iLive…


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    I would appreciate a scroll function for the right fader bank, or maybe all of them. By scroll I mena lik ea C24 or other pro tools rig, where you don’t have to switch layers completely, just scroll left or right.

    Layer buttons would still snap to layer assignments, but this would like you check one channel one layer down without doing the whole layer switch.

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