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    Thought I’d start a suggestions topic for things you’d like to see improved, added, modified etc for future iLive hardware.

    Of course the main thing to remember is that the iLive (especially the T series) is an affordable mixing system so some suggestions would possibly be cost prohibitive. However Im going to start with these suggestions:

    iLive Surface’s:
    Add a front or top USB port (ready for future audio file playback support?)
    Up the USB port current capability so it can charge an iPad
    on T series surfaces – Move the back connector panel up higher so connections are easier to get to when sitting in a road case
    R72 – Add more local I/O (make same as T112?) 8 local inputs aint enough
    Add 8 Direct Buss Mix/Select combo keys to the bottom Right corner (additional to soft keys)- Assignable to any mix Buss (Aux/Send/Matrix/main). This would minimise fader bank changes just to select a mix and would free up the soft keys for other duties. They should be quick to assign just by selecting your mix, hold assign key, press Key (1-8)
    Surface Dual monitor support? with window views: all gain reduction(gates/Comps/limiters with better metering), scenes window, RTA etc
    Quiet Fans

    IDR Racks – IDR48 and 64 could be smaller. Based on the IDR16 you should be able to fit an IDR48 in 6RU
    Quiet Fans


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd
    Dual M-Dante/DVS, 17″MBP/Logic 9/Custom Mackie Control

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    I’ve thought that an IDR24 would be a great addition to the line. When I bought my R72 I felt that 16 channels weren’t enough, and 32 more than I needed for that surface…

    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound
    Richmond, Va USA
    T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815

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    Originally posted by Detonator

    I’ve thought that an IDR24 would be a great addition to the line. When I bought my R72 I felt that 16 channels weren’t enough, and 32 more than I needed for that surface…

    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound
    Richmond, Va USA
    T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815

    Yea I have the same combo and would have got an IDR 24 if there was one.
    I have since used more than 24 mic pre s in a gig though, so it did save my arse in the end. ( read ‘Butt’ instead of arse if you are confused)

    R72 & IDR32

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    i aggree and seconde everything in the first post…
    Please also add a clear plastic cover for the screne recall buttons :)

    Current stock:
    T112, 2x R72, 2x iDR-48, 2x iDR-16
    4x Dante Cards, 1x xDR-16

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    Some kind of alternate scale (double scale, overlay, …) for the center frequency of the PEQ’s when running them 20 – 20k.

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    Two Port B’s or is that a Port C ?

    Duplicate network ports on rear of MixRack as plugs in the non neutrik style connectors seem a little vulnerable on the front and this would make racking it up with router etc easier.

    Big +1 for the deeper but less RU size.

    Lamp socket on the fixed format iDR’s.

    Built in dedicated router that can be set up from editor with sockets for adding arial.

    Quieter fan.

    Dedicated xDR expander port so Port B or C doesn’t have to be used.



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    Dell Latitude – hardwired to MixRack for emergencies!
    iPad2 & MixPad & Spashtop.
    Dante – in the very near future.

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    Originally posted by Joe90

    Two Port B’s or is that a Port C ?

    Or maybe make port A and the control port in the T-series a slot where You could put ACE, Ethersound or Dante cards.

    Åke Holmlund

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    Better quality and dynamic range ADC & DAC
    Faster and newer processors and more memory in whole system right now is too slow.
    at least 8 network ports with gigabyte switch on board & with mached WIFi router installed inside, just to prevent sound engineers from getting IP technologies degree in future:)
    +1 QUIET Fans.

    1x T80
    2x iDR32
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI
    Macbook Pro,2x Macmini+DVS
    evolution of SOVIET TANK

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    I just Sold my ipad. Bought it specially for using with ilive. Had tons of drop outs and crashes on the pad. So finally im tired of it. Other apps also causing crashes all the time. Bought an acer 4core pad today for 270 euros. Runs incredibly fast. No crashes till now.fast as hell and for a third of an ipad. Fully compatible with the rest of my pc world. Can flash..mp3… has usb and and and… no damn itunes. Love it so far. So please more than 50% of all pad and phone users are NOT apple guys…. 80 euros for the app is gone… dont miss it.
    Love my ilive, but working with the ipad was never an option. Too cranky…

    IDR48 & T112, iPad, Belkin Wireless, Dante, Lenovo i5, Samplitude ProX

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    What about a one unit high, low cost, 8 in/4 out expander? Maybe even a ace spliter so you can connect more of them. Or a mixrack without in or outputs, just 6 or 8 expansion unit connections. Could also be used when you have two surface and one normal mixrack as a dsp.

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    I think it would be helpful for us to diferentiate between T and modular.

    A lot of the suggestions have been “The T is great but it needs more I/O” well there’s a modular version for that.

    Anyway, I love the T-112, move the back connectors higher up. I had to send a custom-built road case back twice for them to re-shape it so it could safely hold the console and make the ports accessable.

    USB on the front.

    Don’t need dual monitor support, just a ‘scenes display’ option for an external monitor, or something like that.

    Locking IEC for t-surface

    Make the side of the console one width do you know how hard it is to get a road case for the T-112 that fits well? It’s because the front half of the console is 2″ thicker than the back half, for, as far as I can see, no good reason. Just make the whole console as wide as the widest part needs to be, OR at least don’t make the fat part taper down to the front corners. Gave the road case guys some grief.

    Dimmers on the LEDs? Maybe it’s just because i’ve worked with Yamaha consoles, but I was surprised not to find them.

    But generally, love the console layout, love the workflow. Don’t change much, just build on what works.

    iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

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    i would love to have some XLRs on the T112 surface… it will fit :-)

    Two ports on the IDRs, maybe one on the T-surface

    Insted of the labels A-1 labels can be 1-48 on the inputs and 1-24 on the outs
    Label the surface inputs 1-8 not in groups A,B,C etc.
    USB on the IDR
    USB on top of Surface

    Powercons on mains, bouth IDR and Surface

    Intercom built in?

    And faster processing


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    Hadn’t thought about it much, but a router built into the surface would be great. And if the inputs on the surface were xlr/combo with preamps I would be tickled pink.

    T112/48, MacBook Pro, D-link DIR-815, iPad 1 w/mixpad, Dante card feeding a Mac Mini w/DVS.

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    What did some of you smoke? WiFi integrated? I can’t imagine any good from that! Next thing people will argue about the WiFi quality. Why not integrate a UPS both for surface and mixrack? These are things best left to the people using the system, not for the system builder. IP stuff is not hard to do!
    I agree on USB on the surface front, audio recorder (possibly multitrack), more buttons etc. Faster hardware will come anyways.

    What I would really like to see:
    1. Drop ACE, go for Dante natively
    2. More encoders for the display. One encoder alone is a pain in the ass, especially on the R72. Selectable as hard assigned (setting the value of a specific parameter no matter what’s on screen, showing that value as a pop up) or soft assigned (touch the parameter to change and the next knob to turn will be the one for that parameter or similar)
    3. Selectable order for channels high pass
    4. Effect block with basic speaker management (high pass, low pass in the known flavours, delays for the outputs). Not replace full blown controllers, but enough to drive a drum monitor stack or have something if everything else goes wrong.
    5. Again, ONE band of dynEQ on every channel.
    6. More effects blocks, since they are used more and more for stuff other than effects (a DSP update would allow that), or instead, an additional multipurpose block for multiband compression, speaker management, etc.
    7. Dust proof cooling!

    If A&H is doing a completely new system, I have some more possibly interesting ideas never done before.

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    Originally posted by Jens Droessler

    What did some of you smoke? WiFi integrated? I can’t imagine any good from that!

    1. Drop ACE, go for Dante natively
    5. Again, ONE band of dynEQ on every channel.
    7. Dust proof cooling!

    If A&H is doing a completely new system, I have some more possibly interesting ideas never done before.

    do you really want preamps in the surface? It’s not a question of ‘can it be done’ its a question of ‘wow that’s expensive’. it’ll add at least $1000 to the price of your surface if you want them at the same quality as the mixrack. You can always carry an 8 channel pre if you find yourself in a bind.
    Integrated wifi would be awful. How many wifi standards have been added since iLive was released? i think it’s at least 5….

    now, if someone’s really smart, they’ll release a rack mountable wifi router.

    The problem is Dante isn’t as fast as ACE. That 1.7ms is pretty darn impressive… Also Dante does not include control data does it? I love the fact that a mixrack is fully contained audio… maybe some hybrid system where surface-mixrack and mix-rack to surface is sent over dante?

    Care to share those more radical suggestions?

    iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

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