What means “within a short time” to A&H???

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    Just wondering what “within a short time” means to A&H?
    I spoke at the Pro Light and Sound with one of the A&H Software Designers and he ask me what i wish for the future of the ILive – as i told him my thoughts – just to name a few: pitch, distortion fx – he told me that in short time a new firmware will be released where this two fx are build in.
    So far so good – but that was 3 month ago.
    So just wondering…

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    Personally I think A&H do a great job at introducing new features. With Engineering in any form a technical issue can lead to delays in projects. Sometimes technical issues can’t be foreseen or features don’t work as expected, engineering is about developing ideas, sometimes this takes time.

    You may find the requests are ready but they are waiting on something else to be completed so one large firmware update is created rather than lots of smaller updates and I’d rather have to wait for a feature thats works as it should than have a half arsed feature right now…


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    Oh, dont get me wrong – i absulutely agree with you.
    A&H is doing a great job, but personally i was waiting a loooooonnnnnggggg time now for that two effects and at the time i decided about bying an external one i was told at PLS that i did not have to cause releasing the firmware where this two are built in is imminent.
    So i am a little bit impatient on that…

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    Hi Albin,
    I was at Frankfurt Messe. I was the only software engineer at the show. I am also the DSP engineer. So this must be me you spoke to.

    We are working on distortion and pitch-shifting algorithms, along with other algorithms.
    I cannot recall saying this is going to be in the next release, neither would I have said this is to be released ‘within a short time’.

    So I don’t know how you got the impression this is soon for release.
    I am sorry for your disappointment.

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    No, it wasnt you – it was Mr. Davies.
    Excuse me if “software designer” is the wrong job-description – but as i am not native english speaker – hope you dont mind.
    But, i have to admit i might have misunderstood something – if so i am sorry.

    So, i am not disappointed, cause i can help me other way, just was a little surprised that it took so long when said thats in the making and coming out soon.

    So dont get me wrong – i am not disappointet or complaining – just wanted to ask.

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