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    ok with samplitude (yes bbc (british broadcasting company) has 80 licenses of this software) i cant record properly – i follow instructions,
    exactly as said on the a&h homepage / video- download reaper- 64 bit version- install reaper – reaper sais asio problem does not show dante devices
    (empty field) dante virtual soundcard shows sometimes 100mb network sometimes 1 giga network – this is very annoying indeed then suddenly dante driver sais audio routing failed – excuse me i am working for over 10 years with pcs and mac and this sends me back into yell and cry land like win 98 days.
    computer msi wintop touch win7 64 bit pro (tested)gigabit network- clean music install………………4hrs only problems!!!!!
    lost a recording this weekend coz of this (cant go out and record errors and spikes………at least it is not much money only 1500.- pounds….-……….coz i am so rich……..

    to make things clear i do not want anymore spending hours to get something NOT working this is so frustrating – we spend so far approx
    80`000 us on this system (144/idr10 idr 48 had to buy extra rab 2 module and ace card (first buyer punishment)in this range of money I DONT NEED THIS.


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)

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    Hi Dave;

    Did you run a long ping stream in between your dante interfaces to see if you have a steady and healthy path?

    e.g. ping -n 5000

    There is still no word when this card will be available at my region (NJ/USA), so at least you are pulling your hair to make it work…

    Motion Computing LE1700
    Where is my DANTE?

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    i`ll give it a try -thanks


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)

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    Mumu – Other than network problems (which it seems you are having) – In Dante controller did you make sure that the iLive Mixrack (one only) was set to preferred master, and that the Slave To External Clock was also selected for that master rack? I had a recording with clicks but noticed that the Slave to Ext switch had somehow turned off after I had a network cable fault (no pin 2 connection). Other recordings have been fine.


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd
    Dual M-Dante/DVS, 17″MBP/Logic 9/Custom Mackie Control

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    Reaper x64 doesn’t work with Dante Virtual Soundcard x64. We recommend installing Reaper x32 instead. This can be installed on the same computer – no need to uninstall x64 version, and using the same licence. Here is a comment from Audinate posted on Reaper forum:

    “Guy from Audinate here. The problem is that the 64-bit version of Reaper won’t connect to our 64-bit ASIO driver for Dante Virtual Soundcard. The 32-bit version of Reaper has no such problem, which indicates that it is requesting access to the driver in a different way. We are looking at this issue, and thus far it only appears to affect Reaper 64-bit on Windows.

    ASIO is a 3rd-party workaround for pro audio, created to overcome deficiencies in the native Windows audio system. As a result, there are more inconsistencies in implementation than in native solutions.

    We are working on this, and in the meantime can recommend that you use Reaper 32-bit as a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.”

    A list of M-Dante best practices and FAQs is available in the ‘M-Dante Understanding Guide’ here:


    I hope this helps

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    thank you all (i was really going mad yesterday sorry)
    i am testing now with your suggestions and it looks better –
    i really had it with windows and mac (cant tell the i pad stop searching networks, batterie failure on macbook pro blah blah)
    the whole sytem (i live dante e.t.c. should have stayed within the linux realm………

    thanks for your help guys!!!![:)][:)][:)]

    ps: one more openair tomorrow-sunday off to spain 3 weeks no cellphone
    no computer just books and food and the sea…


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)

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    Nice one Dave have a glass for me. Sounds like you deserve it.[8D]

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