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    I have just got my idr48, t112 surface and mmo card (for my alesis 24 track). Everything works fine except I can’t get midi tunnelling to work. The surface transmits messages to the out port of the rack but I can’t get external devices to use the in/out ports as described in iLive MIDI Protocol – Firmware V1.8.

    On the firmware note, the surface was shipped with 1.82 but the rack was shipped with a 1.81 sticker over the ACE port. As I’ve said everything seems to be working fine so I haven’t altered the firmware yet.

    I’ve tried 2 different ethernet drums 80m and 100m. Any ideas?

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    You need to have the same version of firmware on the surface and the Rack or you will run into problems.


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    Hi Pealsound

    It is best practice to have all units running the same firmware version whenever possible.

    This should not be a cabling issue if the iLive connects and works correctly, and you said that you can get MIDI out of the mixrack and surface OUT ports correct?

    Can you try a MIDI learn function using a DAW application e.g. Ableton live just to see if you can get that working?

    what are you trying to control exactly?

    Sam A&H

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    Problem is solved. I updated the firmware on the mix rack (had to use the network connection), but this wasn’t the issue. It seems that if you have selected midi channel 1 in utilities/midi, then it “locks out” any thru traffic on that channel. Selecting midi channel 11 at random, I discovered everything I’m using (on midi channels 1&2) was flowing through fine. I suppose this makes sense because the console must have it’s own channel, or else any midi data which happens to be passing thru would interfere with console operation.

    IDR48 – T112 – MMO card

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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