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    I do use iLive editor in combination with iPad very often in small venues where the space is the issue. I do use touch screen, but as you know editor isn’t optimize to use with touch screen, so it works but not very smooth. I was wondering if there will be new app which will be redesigned for use with touch screen (multitouch implemented) to use for example for Q parameter – same as for iPad and it should be with bigger buttons and other functions optimized….

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    +1 for this question.

    If you just see the amount of people that for all different reasons is using the iLive system without a surface, that would definitely be a huge plus.

    I, personally, wouldn’t even mind to pay for it. Definitely optimized to use it a separate 23″ external multitouch screen as well as a 13″ tablet PC.

    Multitouch interface combined with mackie control and euphonix control implementation would be the ultimate portable solution. Then we would see iLive sales go through the roof. I hope that A&H will be fast enough not to be caught by let’s say Soundcraft with their smaller systems. iLive is still a way better concept.


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    +1 we actually ditched our touchscreen pc for ipads because it was so much easier. I think the ipad software is a good starting point and expand the features to include the ones the ipad doesn’t have.


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    i start to like the pad BUT i really miss scene recall……


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    I would also like to see Editor upgraded to be better equipped for touchscreen input control. With more and more large multitouch touchscreen all in one PC,s coming to market and with Windows 8 expected multitouch improvements ( and rumours of possible future Mac touchscreen PC??) then I now see the future opportunity for Editor to overcome it’s main drawback (for me anyway) – and that is it’s incredibly slow “one thing at a time” mouse input. At the very least editor needs much larger touch targets for the faders which are currently just the skinny white fader knobs, and better separation of the MUTE button from PAFL/ Sel etc. A major GUI redesign with multitouch support would be awesome though!


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    Multitouch would be great.

    I’m interested in whether or not they make an app for the new Windows tablet/Windows 8.

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    Just tried a dell touch screen with editor and it’s NEARLY great. If only those faders where a bit bigger and greater separation between some functions buttons. A combination of a touch screen editor and the IPad app would be a killer combination. Pulling in faders into the custom screens works great on my touch screen as do many other functions.
    Also, separate windows for custom screens to make multiple custom screens visible at the same time would be great (rather than tabs in the same window). This way, your whole screen could be full of custom widows with just the ins and outs you need for a particular artist. A lot of our multi band/artists gigs are are done on the fly and we don’t always know what’s on stage until the last minute. As it’s so easy to create these custom screens, it’s viable to creat these on the fly and make life easier.
    Maybe in some future erase eh!
    Meanwhile, Keep up the great work A&H
    Cheers all, Mike Fogg

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