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    When I installed Dante Controller on my Mac I had issues with no information displaying in the software. I sent a technical support question to Audinate and here is their reply, and solution to the problem:

    Dear Richard, 

    This issue does come up, but it does not concern specific models of Mac or of the OS.    


    Dante Controller is installed on Mac running OS X, connected to network containing Dante-enabled devices. Devices appear in Routing tab but no information is available under Clock Status or Device Status.

    This is most frequently the result of a failure of the ConMon process that is running in the background.

    Solution 1:

    Restore functionality by restarting the ConMon process.

    Open the Activity Monitor and set it to display “All Processes”.
    Use the search function to locate the process conmon_cmm. 
    Quit this process (will require an administrator’s account) and conmon_cmm will automatically restart. 
    Restart Dante Controller to complete this procedure. Device details should now appear.

    Solution 2:

    Replace an older version of ConMon with a current version (older versions may be accidentally retained under some conditions)

    Open the DMG file that contains the newest Dante Controller software
    Once the DMG disk is mounted on the Desktop, open it and run the application “Uninstall Dante” from this disk image
    This will remove all Audinate software, both Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard
    Reinstall Dante software in the following order: 
    Virtual Soundcard version 3.0.1rc2 or later
    Dante Controller version 3.1.2 or later

    This will ensure that your version of ConMon is up to date and all device details should now appear.


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd
    IDR48/IDR16/T112/R72/Mixpad, dual M Dante/DVC

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