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    Hi All,

    I received my Dante card yesterday :-)
    Installed and tried my first “steps”.
    Here are some rssults:

    – After starting my Ilive (IDR48 & T112), It showed the Dante card, but with a red cross and the message “wrong firmware”. Since the installation manual shows Ilive firmware minimum 1.71 ( I was at 1.80 ) I thought that the firmware could not be the problem. I tried antoher restart of the Ilive, but problem persisted. So decided to put 1.82. After upgrading firmware everything looks fine, and that card gets recognized.

    – Installed Dante controller on my MacBook connected to Dante Card, but nothing happens. Tried to figure out what IP-adress my Laptops Network Adpater should be on, but did not succeed in that. Could not connect to card. Next step I first plugged everything ( Dante and Laptop ) into a network switch ( with DHCP enabled ). Now I could see that the Card and the Laptop got an adress from the DHCP server.
    I was even able to ping the Dante Card.
    Dante Controler though still did not pickup the card.
    So then I hooked up also my Recording PC to the switch, and Installed the Dante Controler. Started controler on PC ( XP sp3 ) and immediatly the card got recognized. I can see status everything looks OK. Installed Virtual SoundCard and tried some patching to Virtual Soundcard into Cubase. Everything works fine that way.

    Now I started virtual soundcard also on my MacBook, and it appeared immediatly in Dante Controler on my PC. Patching channels works, I can channels from Ilive, PC and Macbook, works like it should.
    Now I closed dante-controler on PC, and started it again on MacBook.
    The Dante devices show up now, but I cannot see status information, or when I try some routings, nothnig happens ( at least not on the Dante Controler view ). When I start now Controler again on PC I can see that all the Clicking on MacBook actually did something, because on My PC the routings got updated. It seems that my Dante Controler on MacBook can send data to the Dante Network, but does not Receive any data…… ???

    – In the Manual it says that Dante card should “announce” itself on the Network. When I use just a point-to-point connection Dante/PC, which adress will the card get then, when there is no DHCP. I was not able to connect directly, only via a switch. What am I missing ?
    Do I need to use a Crossed Network Cable for Direct connection ?

    – My MacBook is Running on 10.5.8, are there any other prereq. for the Mac ?

    – I have a 36 channel show tonight, and hoped to Record it with the Macbook, so hope I can figure out, how to solve these issues…. today :-)

    Best regards, Rene

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    Hi Rene

    Regarding your first problem, this sounds like a known issue where our software was displaying a Dante firmware version, even though we do not at this point read any version from the card. Although the resulting red cross is off putting, it does not have any impact on the system.

    You can use crossed or straight through cables with the A&H Dante card, as the Ethernet ports on the card are auto-sensing.

    Regarding the issues you have had with your system, these sound like Dante Controller issues. The first place to look for possible solutions is the Dante Controller user guide, which you can find here: https://www.audinate.com/index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=11&format=raw (you must be logged in to the Audinate site for this link to work). This document also has information on required operating systems and system specifications for Controller.

    It sounds like with your Windows XP PC, the system works well. This points to a problem with the Mac version of controller, or something in your MacBook network setup. You mentioned that routing set up on the Mac does show up in Controller on the PC; did you try clicking the ‘refresh’ button in Controller on the Mac? Another thing to try is to close and reopen Controller on the Mac. Another suggestion is to turn off the WiFi on the Mac, as apparently having two network interfaces enabled can confuse the Controller software.


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Hi Jeff,

    After reinstalling the Bonjour service on the PC ( and actually starting the service, i had to do that manually ) On the PC everything seems to be working as designed now.

    Regarding the Mac issue, I contacted Audinate UK last Firday, and explained them the issue. As I said, Audinate Controler seems to work, but I don’t get a visual confirmation of what I do. ( I don’t get any dante back on the network ). As I had two big shows last weekend I was not able to send a mail to Audinate explaining them my symptoms, I will do so today. They told me that they have some issues with the Mac version of Audinate Controler, and that they are interested in the issues I have.

    Fortunate I was able to record the shows last weekend into Cubase using Audinate Virtual Soundcard on the MacBook ( by creating the routing with the PC beforehand ). I recorded 36 tracks simultaneously without any problems !!

    Best regards, Rene

    Nothing is completly true, and even that’s not true.

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    I Just got my Dante card installed and have had the exact same issue (as Rene has above) with dante controller not working correctly on my Macbookpro. Connected a pc with Dante controller and had no issues setting up the Dante network with it – however I would prefer to use the Mac as it will be used with Dante Virtual Soundcard. On the Mac detailed information about dante devices does not show up and you can’t adjust some settings. . Will do more testing… If anyone has a solution then let us know. The VSC works fine on the Mac and I have successfully recorded/ played back 48 tracks. I had turned off wifi on the Mac so only had the Dante network connected.


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd

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    How come our friends in the land of the long white cloud have their Dante cards but the Australian distributor doesn’t even know they’re shipping? Argh, frustrating!!! Ah well, by the time it gets here maybe the collective smarts of our forum will have solved these minor niggles ;)

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