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    For US owners, after a long day of research I have discovered the following regarding the two approved US cables:
    As to the Lapp Kabel one, I never could find a retailer, and when I called Lapp US I got put through 4 different departments, and finally gave up.

    As to the Proplex, its actually manufactured by TMB. TMB has a US website, and you can read about the cable that is approved here:

    The key to searching finding this cable successfully for purchasing in the US is to search for “Proplex Cat5e” cable in your search engine. I found several sites that sell it. Once you have found them, then you want to look for what type of end you want…I was confused because the “approved” cable by Allen and Heath specifies the cable as PCCAT5EP, which is technically correct but not completely so. The reason is that many of the retailers that sell this Proplex cable do not list it as PCCAT5EP. First, they typically add a Z to the beginning (don’t ask why, I never figured that out). Second, the P at the end is the code for the type of end on the cable, but once you decide the type of end you want it changes. If you will look to the bottom of the TMB site I provided above, you will note that TMB can put 4 different ends on the cable. The P is a specialized connector end called the Proshell Backshell. However, we iLive users would obviously want an RJ45 connector covered by an Ethercon connector shell. The code for that is thus …ENE(Neutrik Ethercon) then followed by the length. For instance, I decided on a 300 foot cable length. The code would therefore be PCCAT5ENE250L. I spoke directly with TMB and they confirmed that the approved cable is PCCAT5E, then change the end to choose your connector and length. I hope that helps someone not have the frustration that I have experienced. I found 3 online retailers and got a good price on the cable. Its on the way.

    Jonathan Wade
    Suburban Legend Audio

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