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    Sorry for the basic questions that follow. I have a vocal group created but I also want a single “instruments” group. The latter would consist of a drum group plus all of the other individual instruments’ input channels. My goal is to be able to control the relative levels between all vocals and all instruments (on two faders), plus be able to mute all instruments at once or individually. I’ve been digging into the manual this morning but still am a little confused about the following:

    1) Can you feed a group into another group, (i.e. drum group into instruments group)?

    2) Can a matrix only be fed to outputs? I tried to create a “instrs” matrix fed by the drum group and the input channels of the other instruments, then feed that to the Main LR mstr. This appears not to be possible.

    Any suggestions for the best way to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    In general a group is used for channels that use similar processing or treatment together. In analog consoles without VCA’s they are used as you want to do. If you just need level control groups, you may consider using DCA’s for that purpose. Then if you want to mute all those instruments or vocals you just mute the DCA that controls those. If you need common compression or EQ then you might consider using a group.

    A matrix is commonly used for outputs feeding other parts of a venue different from the main mix such as front fills, out fills or even other rooms that need a somewhat different mix that the main room. It takes input from the groups and main and even aux’s in the case of the iLive system. This will allow say less instruments in a front fill mix that’s close to the stage etc.

    That’s why they function the way they do. There can be other unusual situations that require novel routing but this is the basics.

    You can do a lot of control with the DCA’s, just be aware that they will affect any auxes for channels if they’re set post fade.

    Hope this helps a bit!


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    I use DCAs for this type of control. Muting the DCA will mute its associated inputs, the DCA fader controls the overall signal of the inputs. I don’t use groups.

    Think of the matrix(es) as a way to send “mix” signals (auxes, groups, L-R-Mono, etc.) to additional output ports. The matrix allows you to distribute your mix or parts of your mix to additional areas, for recording, nearfills, listening rooms, etc.

    -Tim Tyler

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    Yep DCA is perfect for this…forget the groups unless you need group processing. For me I have the guitars on a DCA the drums on a VCA the vocals on a DCA and all of the instruments on a DCA then then whole band including vocals on a DCA.


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