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    I am having a weird issue and was hoping someone could shine some light on it. I have my T112 IDR-32 and IDR-16 on a UPS. When I hit the test button all works fine with the switch over from line to battery and back to line. However when I actually have a line loss, everything stays on and it doesn’t blink, nor does the touch screen computer show any issues, but I lose connection to my drive racks. I get the reconnect? screen and it takes several minutes to reconnect. If I reconnect, even on battery, everything works fine. Can anyone think why this would be? The switch from battery back to line doesn’t cause a drop out.


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    Steve, it sounds like something in your configuration is plugged in to the “switched only” vs. on the battery side. Most all UPS’ have a few outlets that are basically only a power strip and not for battery backup.

    If you already checked that, I apologize but I just see that a lot.

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    Sounds like the voltage is spiking during the live supply switch to UPS when you have an outage which is confusing either the mix rack or the brain. You may want to try running editor on a laptop and trying it without a surface to make sure its a brain problem not a surface problem. Also probably metering the voltage you are getting from the UPS during switch over with a dummy load. Lights work quite nicely for this as you can see any drop/flicker. Hope that helps

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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