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    G’Day A&H

    I use two iLive surfaces with two idr48 or idr10 connected via ACE cards as MONITOR master and FOH slave, will I be able use same connection set up with Dante cards and have possibility record e.g. 48 tracks into multitrack without any additional hardware? Or will be there possibility connect three surfaces as MON/FOH and Broadcast with possibility record to multitrack? I already tried find correct answer but in other topics isn’t enough clear answer for me.

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    iLive 144, idr10 and two iLive T112, idr48

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    Can you be more specific on the set-up you want to achieve? You talk about recording and about connecting three surfaces. One thing has got nothing to do with the other.

    Surfaces do not connect to a Mixrack via Dante but using ACE.

    Recording is possible anywhere on the Dante network, for instance using a computer with multitracking software and Dante Virtual soundcard installed.
    64 Channels can be sent (put on the Dante network) from one MixRack. 64 channels can be “read” from the network by one MixRack.

    My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

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    I believe the quick answer is Yes, but no.

    With the Dante card, you will be able to route your signals from your Master rack to your Slave Rack (or racks) via the PortB Dante card.
    You will also be able to connect the secondary socket on the Dante card straight to a PC or Mac to multitrack.
    If you rather have a separate console for broadcast, you will be able to connect to the Dante network as well and pick up those same 64 channels from the Master Rack.
    Your question about a 3rd surface is unclear, because you would have to have a third system, with iDR rack and surface for broadcast with Dante card in it as well.
    That way all three consoles will have Dante Cards in PortB.
    All connect to a Gigabit switch and your multitrack PC as well.
    Life is good after that.
    Hope this helps

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.

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    Thanks Gil for clarifying

    My idea is have three consoles with same set up ( console and IDR rack conected via ACE and in slot B on each IDR rack have Dante card )and keep connection between them as simple as possible.

    To Woutert.

    My usual set up is FOH slave and MON master ( because we still don’t have gain tracking ) but sometimes we need record to multitrack or add broadcast console with multitrack and use dante network for this set up look to me as good idea rather then use analog spliter. My worries were about A&H and way how they will use Dante specifications ( maybee in this case will be some limitations but I hope not ) because I could not find any further informations.

    Best regards

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