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    I am running 2 T112 desks and 2 IDR48s. Both of my second slots are being used to jump the racks together. What would be the best way, if any, to incorporate the Dante card into my configuration? Thanks!

    Justin Sumrall
    2-T112 2-IDR48

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    Use two Dante cards to link the racks and also provide Dante Network feeds/ virtual soundcard recording etc.


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd

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    Have to admit I have been thinking about a job middle of next year where I use a lot of inputs and quite a few outputs and thinking 2 X 64 channel Dante cards could be a plan, use the Dante card to make available sub groups from a sub mixer (Ilive in Dual rack mode 128 inputs) to both the iLive on FOH duties and the one on monitors, then use the Dante card to provide signals to the Dante enabled Amplifier racks which then feed the loudspeaker systems. I already use wireless control of the Dante network for the racks which works like a dream saves lots of walking to and from racks to make adjustments which on a big site is a blessing.

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    Are you using this in Digital Split configuration? or just routing signal between the two consoles?

    In any case, you should be able to accomplish the same thing with Dante.
    But I would wait a few weeks for NAMM to see what comes out for the ACE protocol as well? It may solve your problems..

    Also, you can add an xDR-16 and it will give you the extra card slot for your Dante card. You may be limited to 32 channels on the Dante, through the xDR, but I have to read into it a little more, to be sure.

    take care

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.

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