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    Hi All,

    Last Friday I received my IDR48 ( T112 is first going to casebuilder to make a nice case for it ) :-) I tried to connect the Ilive Editor to the mixrack but was not able to. The mixrack is running so I set me computer on . I was able to ping the mixrack, and I could even check that the mixrack is listening on ports 80 and 51321.
    When i did a telnet on port 51321 to It made a connection. So networkwise everything looks ok. But stil the Ilive editor did not find the mixrack.
    I have to network ports on my computer. The other one is connected to the internet and runs in another ip-range (192.168.0.*). So they should not interfere. But when I unplugged the network cable of this second card I was able to connect to the mixrack……
    So it seems that with the second network connection active the ilive editor is not able to find the mixracks IP-adress.

    Does anyone having the experience ? Do I need to make some extra network settings ?

    Best regards, Rene

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    Hi Rene,

    For a time we used 2 nics per machine, and ran into the sort of problems you are describing.

    The issue is quite technical, but to cut a long story short the code we use to discover other A&H products on the local network is probably sending broadcast traffic out of your 192.168.0.x nic.

    This I believe is because we ask the system for a broadcast socket, and this will be bound to which ever nic your system considers to be eth0 (primary).

    You have some choices, you can either type the IP address of the target Mixrack into the text box in the connections screen in Editor. The O/S should then choose the correct nic to communicate on based on the I/P and subnet mask.

    Or if your running windows (XP in my example), you can invert the primary nic, by going to Control Panel, then Network Connections, then Advanced, Advanced Settings, then there is a box which says “Connections are listed in the order in which they are accessed by network services”, you can then invert your primary and secondary nics.

    Note this may affect other network services on your machine, so its worth checking after making this change.

    Your other option would be to change the IP settings of the Mixrack onto 192.168.0.xx so its alligned with your primary nic’s IP address / subnet mask.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the reply,

    After the first successful connection, it seems there is no problem anymore connecting to mixrack / surface. No i can leave my second NIC connected and everything works just fine. It seems that’s not a iLive problem, because I also got a over Ethernet remotely controllable PA system last weekend and I had exactly the same problem there.

    Also I got my T112 last weekend ( with a beautiful case ) And I have to say I’m very happy with the system. I haven’t needed the manual yet, its very intuitive. Keep up the good work !!

    Nothing is completly true, and even that’s not true.

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    hmmm i am experiencing massive editor connection issues. iphone works perfect!

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