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    I had some time to kill and was thinking I would like an A&H personal monitor system to work with the ilive/T system. So I just jotted down a few ideas in this pdf.

    Then the I figured I would ask here what kind of features would you like to see on an iLive personal monitor system?

    Hopefully this is appropriate for these forums if not my feelings won’t be hurt if it gets deleted or moved.


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    I think this is a bit against iLive philosophy of centralizing the mix.

    I’d rather ask A&H to update their Planet-concept and product line and bring out a small dedicated monitor controller (maybe better via IP then the PL-bus system along with Wifi capability) as a hardware alternative for the iPad app, iMonitor that some people would like to see. If we can attach an iPad to a stand, that could certainly work, but then A&H are actually promoting Apple in the long run, that’s nice for Apple but A&H have to survive too…
    They could maybe think about some USB pedals to attach to the iPad for bank or scene changes once there would be some iMonitor app :)

    My 2 cents

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    Really I wouldn’t care how it worked and hooked up as long as I could have some enhance pl type devices with some of the features I noted. An iPad app is fine but then you need a headphone amp also and then there is the whole scene recall issue which is why I thought of a separate mix engine for it…


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    i pad stand

    it is called iklip


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    Iklip – I like!

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