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    How is everyone else controlling Avioms when they are split from the main board? I know a split means exactly what it says but ran into an issue today where an over zealous musician cut the volume up on the stage monitors and caused horrific feedback that I couldn’t control from the board whatsoever. Has anyone worked out a solution to control split Avioms?

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    I’m not sure I follow you on the “split Aviom”, but once you patch Aviom out of the MMO card, their volume is pretty much up to them. I’m assuming you have their A16II mixers patched straight to wedges. You are pretty much out of luck in this case. Have to rely on them to control level.
    There are some crazy signal flow things you can do to be able to control their overall level, but I’m not sure how in depth you really want to get with this.
    You can always run the output of the Aviom mixer through a channel on the console and then out to the wedge. That way you can tweak the monitor channel to your liking, including muting it, in case of horrendous feedback. If you need to get fancier, you can feed that output through an Aux or Matrix so you can get Graphic EQ and tec.
    Hope it helps.

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    I would think it would not be a good idea to have an aviom feed running anything except in ears.


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    Why not use a PL6?

    You keep control over the mix!
    (because the musician is controlling an aux mix in your mixer)

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    I follow Kenlowt on this one.

    However, I suppose you could source the feeds into the MMO and Aviom from groups and just mute the appropriate groups, either through a physical controller (i.e. desk), through the iLive software, or as Martijn says, through a PL10 or 6 …

    It is, by extension, actually something we’re thinking about, as we have people plugging into our system, but without an engineer standing at a physical desk, it’s hard to cut the mains quickly enough to stop stupid plug-in acts; I have taken to putting a very hard limiter on anyone plugging into our system.


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