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    Has anyone experienced a boot hang on their touchscreen? My problem is nothing more than an annoyance to me, but I still ought to speak up.

    It hangs for me once every 10 to 20 power cycles. When it does, it always occurs at the same place in the boot process, as follows.

    The touchscreen will have booted to the GUI and says “Please wait” on a gray background. During a normal boot process, there will be 3 or 4 white squares (or something…I can’t remember exactly at the moment) located below the “Please Wait” text. The squares change sizes in a pattern while I wait, and soon booting completes. However, when it hangs, those little squares don’t even appear. The screen just displays the “Please Wait” on the gray background. I’ve waited and waited. At times I’ve walked away for 10 minutes only to return to a screen that still says “Please Wait”. The easiest solution I’ve found is cycle the power of just the control surface (anything else is unnecessary). The touchscreen then boots normally without exception.

    My configuration is iDR-48 and iDR-16 as Dual mix racks, master and slave respectively. T-112 control surface. Everything has been running firmware 1.7 as it came from the factory. I’ve had everything for 3 months now.

    If you need more detail, just ask. I simply don’t know what’s occurring at that point in the boot process so I don’t know how to troubleshoot or what to offer now. And frankly I’m not sure there’s anything I can do to fix this. The system works rock-solid once it boots properly. I’ve passed this off as “just one of those things”.

    I typically don’t have much time to troubleshoot and test when it occurs due to circumstances out of my control, though occasionally I do have time.

    Thanks for your time.

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