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    So, we finally did our first full show last night with the new iDR32, MMO and D-OUT … and it all worked perfectly.

    We did a fresh mix with all instruments, which went really well. We are using Aviom A16IIs from the MMO card, and have provisionally given the drummer a PL10 to control the drum mix being sent to the Avioms through a Stereo Aux. This works SOOO much better than the old Yamaha LS9 solution, where we pre-mixed the drum signals through a MOTU 896 and Logic, and back out into two channels. (No surprise there.)

    Although not really important, things we noted:

    1. The iDR pre-amps seems to be of a higher quality than the LS9. They sound brighter, and we got less distortion and more head-room when experimenting with high signal input levels.
    2. The MMO seems to have less latency than the Mini-Y card in the LS9; we haven’t measured this, and I can’t be bothered to do so, but the feeling when playing piano was more immediate, and the voice also seemed ‘nearer’.
    3. Having the sound engineer muting and un-muting the effects on the iPad / iPhone worked really well, as he wasn’t tied to an FoH station and could do the low-level operations whilst remaining mobile. We tried this with the LS9 and a laptop / tablet, but it wasn’t as good, although now the Yamaha iPad app is out, that should be possible.
    4. We did notice a few ‘system busy’ incidents, as alluded to on other threads, but it didn’t interfere.

    We are still waiting for the Dante card, like the rest of the A&H world!, as we are currently still running the MOTU896 as the soundcard for the piano, strings, EP and bass samples from the MacPro.

    Overall: really, really happy!

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    One of the best things about the A&H system is the fact that it’s all based on the same software architecture – the Yamaha iPad app, while very slick, is ONLY an M7CL app… the poor LS9 owners must be going green with envy!
    Sounds like you thought big from the outset and have had a great introduction to the system – congrats! Now if only our Dante cards would arrive early ;)

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    Dante card (soon!)

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    When can we start the Dutch A & H Idr owners club?


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    Guy: great to hear! We also just did our first gigs and it is wonderful !

    For the dutch owners group: how about right now? :)


    IDR32, PL10, Dell Latitute XT tablet
    Our adventures with this setup:

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    Dutch owners club … as long as it’s not in Dutch! :-D

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