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    So, we got the MMO card and the D-OUT expander connected, and iDR is recognising the D-OUT in Port B.

    The idea behind buying the D-OUT was to keep our signals digital all the way to the digital i-Tech amps. As such, we wanted to assign stereo matrices to stereo pairs of AES outputs to each amp.

    However: I can’t seem to find a way to assign channels to the D-OUT that figure true cut-off EQ’ing – only the usual PEQ and GEQ: the PEQ will only allow lo-pass down to 2kHz and up to 200hZ, which is not a lot of use.

    Can anyone think of a way to do this, or am I going to have to rely on the amp processing and, I guess, HiQnet? I wanted NOT to have to access another system other than the iDR editor or iTweak when carrying out the entire soundcheck, but it currently seems I have to …

    Thanks for any input …


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    check mixer preferences (editor) there you have two options to change the hi lo cut behaviour (on input channels and /or mix channell)
    i suggest mixer channels only coz on input channels it can be confusing.


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    Seek and ye shall find!

    Fantastic … thanks, Dave!

    I’m presuming that these truly work as filters, with no ‘slope’ on the cut-off? I’ll be able to analyse that once the system is hooked up, but I’m pre-configuring before installing.

    Thanks, once again …


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    Best to use firmware 1.71 as version 1.7 doesn’t save the 20-20kHz PEQ settings when you shut down. So when you restart the filters on your outputs will be pushed back to 2K etc. If you have saved to a scene then recalling will work to reset them though. V 1.71 has fixed this problem.


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    Good call, Richard: I was running 1.70 firmware, with 1.71.


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    Hi Guy,

    I know you dont use the M-MMO & IDR Dout option anymore in preference for Madi & HDSPe but I was wondering if you could tell me when you were using it how it was connected.

    I was of the understanding the with the M-MMO card you could directly connect the IDR D-out as long as you connect both the Audio & DR Link connections, but we recently received some advice that this was not possible and the only way we could do this was to connect an IDR-4 or IDR-8 and then connected the IDR-Dout to this.

    I am trying to avoid having the need for additional PC’s and cards and converters and to keep it as simple as possible and maintain digial signals all the way through to our speaker management system and would appeciate some insight from someone who has physically done this.

    Maybe one of the A & H Guys like Sam, Jeff or Nicola could also pass comment on at firware version 1.83 is it possible to connect the IDR-Dout directly to M-MMO or is the IDR-4 required.

    It’s a lot of money to spend just to find out it won’t work and if the IDR-4 or 8 is required we will just find another way to do it or stick to analogue signals and the additional set of convertors.


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    Hi teknik99

    I’m afraid you have been given some incorrect advice.

    You can connect the MMO module iDR Ports directly into an iDR-outD expander. You do not need to connect an iDR4/8. Though connecting to and iDR4/8 is also possible.

    If you wish to connect an MMO module to an iDR4/8 you only need to connect the Audio socket.
    If you wish to connect an MMO module directly to an iDR-Output Expander you will need to connect both Audio and DR-Link sockets, the DR-Link soecket provides the metering data for the LED’s on the front panel.

    Hope that helps.

    Sam A&H

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    I’ve installed a few systems using the MMO straight to iDR-D Out. Works perfectly. Im not sure why someone told you otherwise.
    If you upgrade to newer firmware, you could take advantage of the speaker processor in the FX engines. There, you can be a little more specific with your filters.

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