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    I remember there was some discussion some time back when ethersound was the only connection option about the types of switches that can be used with the iLive.

    Now that we have ACE has this changed at all and is the list of supported switches significantly expanded to the point where almost anything should work.

    I’m shopping for a rack mount switch that can do Power over Ethernet and will be iLive compatible.

    The Cisco’s are obvious choices but they are extremely pricey, any other options or suggestions.


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    Toby been using Level One web smart switches for a few years on the iLive as a fibre bridge to provide V LAN’s works great, rack mount internal PSU, SFP socket gigabit and cheap.
    I don’t have ACE so can’t try it for you but don’t see why it would not work, just make sure the stay cool.
    Think it is the GSW 0841 model but will check for you later when I get to the office.
    Ian B

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    Here you go Toby I am sure there is a distributer on your side of the globe. Hope this helps they cost me about £100 without a G-Bic module

    Ian B.

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    Hi Toby

    Although we have not tested the switch Ian is using with ACE, I have had a look at the manual and datasheet, and would expect it to work. Please note that the switch’s default IP address conflicts with that of an iDR Mix Rack.

    The key things to look for if a switch is to support ACE are:

    • Ability to turn off broadcast storm protection, or no storm protection available
    • Ability to turn off QoS systems, or no QoS system present
    • Ability to turn off Spanning Tree Protocol, or STP not available
    • Ports support 100 Megabit Full Duplex
    • ‘Non Blocking’ or ‘Wire Speed’ switching/forwarding

    If the goal is simply to extend the ACE link, the switch does not even need to be managed, as long it conforms to the requirements above. If traffic other than ACE is to enter a switch, ACE must be confined to its own VLAN.


    – Jeff

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    Are there any latency issues that will arise by going over switched ethernet?

    Justin Sumrall
    2-T112 2-IDR48

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