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    The church I am currently running the system for purchased an iLive T112 system with IDR-32. So far we’ve been using wedge floor monitors, but the way the worship group is configured and the position of the room is making it overbearing to use floor wedges, with everyone always wanting more of their monitor mix and causing some nasty bleed over with the mains. My solution was to look into the Aviom personal monitor system.

    This is my first time running with an all digital system, so I was looking at all the startup equipment when I ran into a few threads about the iLive system having some kind of built in or add on card Aviom capability through it’s ethernet ports. Is there a location in the iLive documentation for information on this or could someone explain to me what I would need to add to the iLive system to get things up and running? I am assuming it either has cross compatibility and an Aviom router would be needed along with the person mix stations, but I don’t know if I need an extra add on card of some kind as well?

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    Start here:
    The MMO card gives you the Aviom outputs, I haven’t actually used the card so I’ll leave it to my betters on here to fill in the details for you on how (and how well) this works!

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    The MMO card gives you the Aviom ethernet output. You just run the cable from there to the first mix station and continue daisy-chaining from there. No other interfaces are needed. You use the surface software or editor to assign outputs to the 16 Aviom channels and you’re good to go.

    With that MMO card, you’re ALSO getting another 24 channels of ADAT optical out. I use an ADAT-to-Firewire converter to dump the 24 channels to laptop.

    David Schmoldt

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    Hi there wavemakersdj,

    I’ve been using and installing the MMO card for a while now and it works great. No problems at all.
    You can also use the same card to multitrack your services using the ADAT outputs on it. I’ve done that too.

    David is right, but I would recommend against it, for the simple reason that in this “serial” wiring scheme, your stage usually ends up a mess and you also have to power every single Aviom with the wall-wart, which is a pain on its own. I’d recommend getting a the Aviom Pro Distro, which simplifies and cleans the wiring and provides power to all stations.

    Hope it helps.

    Gil Parente
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