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    So I noticed that I was getting peak lights on a Group. What is interesting is I have a limiter set well below the peak of that group. I understand the meters are post fader, but the fader was under 0 and with the limiter set below peak that I would assume that it would be impossible for that group to peak.

    What am I missing?

    I tested and the same thing happens on my main mix. If I enable a limiter set below the peak point, which appears to be somewhere around +10db limiter set to say +8 and fader at 0 how is it the peak light get tripped?

    Am I misunderstanding that a limiter should limit?

    Stephen Tyler
    Coordinator of Technical Operations
    iLive T-112/iDR-32

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    Could be wrong here I thought the Peak lights were Pre most things.
    Any Thoughts Carey?

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    I think when the limiter is enabled, and becomes activated by a loud signal, the PK light for that channel (and page) illuminates so you know you are in limiting.

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    Mr B is correct. The peak indicator on the top of the channel meter is a combination of all the peak lights on that channel (Pre-Amp, PEQ, Comp & limiter). That way you are warned that the channel is close to clipping even if is output is attenuated (by limiter or fader).

    Antony Jackson
    Software Manager
    Allen & Heath Limited

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    regardless of all said above, i think the limiter needs work. its not nice and nees a new algorithm…

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