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    Adjusting the gain for each input directly affects the levels in the Avioms. The input to the Aviom is “Input – Direct Output”.

    Is there a different input that I can use so I can adjust gain without affecting the Avioms?

    I just upgraded to V1.70 … is there anything there, perhaps a separate gain control for avioms?

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    use trim instead of the gain (once your gain is ok for aviom, work on your mix channels with the trim


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    there is a direct output level on right hand side of ‘super strip’ page, you can adjust the aviom level without affecting other things

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    Thanks for both of the responses. I have made good use of the trim function and was also able to boost the keys using the direct out level.

    I have another question that is kind of related. The lead singer doesn’t use the aviom so I have Aux1 setup for a monitor for him.

    I have my whole gain structure set and all the channels switched over to use trim which doesn’t affect the Avioms but does affect his Mono Aux1 monitor.

    I am thinking there is no magic this surface can do about this so I will have to first adjust the trim and once that is right mix his monitor. Any ideas?


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    Any ideas on my 11/29/2010 post above?

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    Depending how many channels you are using you could mirror your channels and mix the Aux1 send from the second set of channel strips (essentially what I do if I’m doing a mains/monitor setup with my system). To set this up just select a second set of channel strips & set the input on those to mirror the channels required in his foldback – make sure you also set trim on surface on those strips!

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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