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    Hello guys,

    Here is my problem. When I create a new show, i have to select the right surface and the mix rack on the Scene Menu. But when am done and matched the mix rack & surface, i load the “finish scene” and it doesn’t clear the list of scenes. This messages continue on the scene menu.
    So, I have to start to save scenes from the scene nº30 aprox.

    Any suggestion?

    Best Regards from Chile.

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    is it possible that you are creating a new show in editor and have not cleared/copied to the surface?? i.e. copied the new show to both the surface (thru USB ) and the editor??? as you know it is possible to have different set ups (and shows and scenes) in both at the same time…….so what you store (scenes etc.) on the surface must also be stored in the editor and if you want both to reflect the same state they must be copied from one another….? it sounds like you have scenes that remain from a different show!

    or did I misunderstand the problem??



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    thanks RayS, for your response.
    But that it´s not my problem. Because i create my new show on the console (surface), not in editor.
    Let me explain:

    In a new venue, i start for create a new show, so:
    i go to UTILITY / Configuration / Show Manager.
    There i made the new show, using a template to be from cero….let´s call it “abc_show”
    Then, we have to go to the scene page and select the Surface and the mix rack.
    So, here i choose in the list first the iLive T-112 (surface), press recall….. then my idr48 (mixrack), press recall… and for last FINISH, press recall.
    Now I exit the Scene Page Menu, and I start to mix. Then I wanna to save my mix and i go to scene page again and here is my problem…
    The list to select the surface, mix rack, etc… still being there, it has not cleared.

    So, i have to start to save scenes over this list. Starting from the scene number 30 for example. And not from the first scene…

    any help ??


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    I do not believe “Clear” actually clears the scene memories,I guess it only clears the current data. I normally clear them manually and store in locations 1-10, as far as I know this has been the way since the begining of iLive.
    After that it is a case of using Show manager to store the show not just scene manager to store the scenes.

    Does this help?

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    Thank You Mr. B

    I do it manually, like you said.

    it should be automatic. In the comments of the scene “Finish” it says that its gona be cleared.


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