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    Hello – on an idr48/t112.

    Have been having strange issues where certain scenes/library files are disappearing on reboot.

    We have twice restored the missing scenes to the master show file (the only show we’re using on the desk) from USB, and restored the backed up library file. After doing so, everything on the desk looks fine. Just for grins, updated scenes to make sure they’re ‘saved’.

    After reboot, the scenes are missing again, and the library file is again missing certain info.

    For reference – the scenes that were missing, AND the library entries that go missing were all created on the same date. Everything created before that date saves/updates/stays – but everything on that date simply will not ‘stay’ on the desk.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Jonathon

    This is very strange behaviour, please contact A&H Technical Support who will investigate the problem further.

    Please include a detailed explanation of the problem along with event logs and Show files to help them in there investigation.

    Which version of firmware are you using? How much storage space is left on you surface and mixrack? this can be seen in the scene edit page.

    Sam A&H

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    We’re on 1.7, approx 95% free space (only one show with about 14 scenes). I’ll have the local guys check it for an exact number (I’m 14 hours away).

    I’ll submit a ticket with show files shortly.

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    I was wondering about a similar situation as my scenes, established and edited in the 1.63 editor, are not “visible” at all in Version 1.7 editor. Just the ones made before, with editor version 1.63 or below.
    The back up did not change the situation.
    I thought about “downgrade” to editor 1.6?!

    Any ideas?

    Btw: Thanks for all the interesting messages here in the forum


    T80/ idr32/ WIN7-32

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    strange here as well ,yesterday i copied a show for a friend to his usb stick and it just took the 4 first scenes (out of 15 scenes) to the stick (i was able to store his scene later with the scene manager.


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced there is a yamaha conspiracy against the release of the dante )

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    Just updated to 1.7 and my libraries disappeared when I loaded a new template, got them back by loading an old 1.63 show and resaving them from there

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