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    I don’t understand about Audio Sync.
    Now I have the digital mic split system (iLiveT112/iDR32 ~2)

    The munual said be set it to gets its clock from external source via port B.
    What if not be set Audio Sync? What is it about?

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    Hi Yosuke

    In a digital mic split system 1 system has to be the clock master and the other system will have to be a slave system that recieves its audio clock from the master.

    I am assuming you are using ACE to connect each mixrack via PORT B?

    you set the audio clock source in the mixrack setup – mixer preferences audio – sync page.
    set the system you want to be the Audio clock master to: Internal
    Set the system you wish to be the slave as: Port B

    if you cannot see port B available in the drop down menu this means that nothing is fitted to the Port B Slot or there is a fault with the Port B Module. In this case please contact A&H Technical support who will help you resolve your issue.

    Hope this helps
    Sam A&H

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    Hello Sam.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Each mixrack are connected via PORTB useing ACE.
    Now the Slave mixrack has be set as port B from mixer preferences.

    I have one question. What is “Audio Sync”?

    What if Audio Sync is not set?
    Because iLive has being working well without Audio Sync setting.


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    Audio sync is the source were your WC (word clock) is coming from.

    It is simular to a army that marches.
    One guy sets the rythem, if he doesn’t do this it becomes a mess!

    so if you digitally link 2 devices (thru ACE) (both of the machine’s have a guy who gives the rythem) you have to tell the devices wich one is setting the rythem.
    This is what you select in audio source!

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    I got it!
    Your expression is easy to image Audio Sync.

    Thank you so much.

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