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    I’ll soon be receiving my T-112 + idr48, and am looking to use 1 multicable of some type from the surface to the onstage mixrack.

    I plan on using the SPDIF (mains) output, via an AES/EBU transformer, to the AES/EBU input of my speaker processor (onstage), also need a line for DMX lighting, another for non-DMX lighting, plus the ACE line – 4 total.

    I won’t need anything longer than 200’/60 meters, any experience or suggestions will be greatly valued!

    -Tim Tyler

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    My guess:

    I’d say: try to transform your DMX to an IP-protocol, find a way to do the same with the non-DMX (what is that? 0-10V?), forget about the SPDIF because you should take that from the stagerack directly and route everything over IP. That way you’ll only use one CAT5 cable… What do you think?

    Check here:
    and for one of the cheapest solutions:

    My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

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    I’ve just finished making up a 50m snake with Sommer Cable: SC-Monocat Power 212. This has power (3 x 2.5mm), 2 x shielded Cat 6, + 2 x shielded Twisted Pair (Use for audio or DMX etc). They do other configurations also. Have only used it once so far but had no problems. It’s expensive but well made/ tough casing and reasonably flexible. Will come in very handy to return Dante from the mixrack over the spare cat 6 back to FOH for recording. With adaptors/converters you can send all sorts of things down the spare Cat 6 – even 4 channels of balanced audio with Instasnake box’s from You may be able to find AES/EBU converters to Cat6 also?


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd

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    Thanks for your replies – all I’m looking for is a multi cable snake that will give me the ability to transmit ACE, DMX, plus 2 pairs. I could get a 4 channel snake to add to the ACE cat5 line, but I’m really interested in using 1 cable, not 2 (or more). I’ve been told that it’s possible to use a cat5 cable for 3 or even 4-pair lines, but I want to make sure I’m not going to end up with issues of some sort.

    If anyone is doing this, I’d like to hear your experience…


    -Tim Tyler

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    sommer cable monocat power 212

    greetings from hamburg

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    Thanks, folks –

    The Sommer looks good, but I don’t need the power cable, so I’ll investigate the possibility of a setup with the cat6 + twisted pair only. I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new kit!

    Thanks again,

    -Tim T
    Richmond, Va, USA

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