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    Hello – looking at setting up a T112/idr48 system.

    Does anyone have any experience using the PL-6 or PL-10 as a personal monitor mixer? The application would be the drummers (two stages in the same room). I’d like to set each of them up with a set of channels (drum subgroup, vocals, instruments) that they can adjust themselves – the mix of which would be fed by one of the auxes on the idr48 to a headphone amp delivering their own mix.

    Are there any major hurdles I’m not seeing?

    2nd question: What tablet PC for control have you had good experiences with?

    Thanks in advance,

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    no it works great allthough it takes a while till you setup the pl6
    if you want i can send you a template of mine

    2.I have a msi touch-works great,but maybe you want to wait till version 1.7 is out
    they promised a killer app for the i-pad

    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (and soon a dante

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    I would be very interested in an iPad app – any A&H folks wanna comment on a possible timeframe? This year? ;)

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    I had a week’s tour with (4) PL-10’s. The PL-6’s were out because the faders are not motorized and thus do not always represent the real mix.

    The musicians loved them. I let them control channel to aux levels and certain group to aux levels. This particular band would not step back from the remotes when on the road with an iLive for monitors. The MD had the chance to feature certain instrumental parts while concentrating on playing while I was able to concentrate on the singers’ mixes.

    Regarding the iPhone app I think no-one can predict how long Apple will take to approve it. We will see.

    Christian Tepfer
    Hamburg, Germany

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    I think this has been addressed before, but will the PL controllers work without a surface (laptop/editor control only)?

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    Yes, the PL controllers works without surface.
    I’m using PL-10 for the same reason as simonstpauli does, which is that you get visual level feedback with PL-10 LEDs.

    iLive T-112 + IDR-48

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    …will the PL controllers work without a surface?

    Yes. I use a PL-8 with a footswitch to manage the vocal delay and reverb. Two buttons are assigned to input mutes, one button is assigned to delay tap tempo and the fourth button, recessed into the footswitch chassis, is assigned to a mute group.

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