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    I have common errors in log file during last concert. I have iLive T112 and IDR 48 mix rack. My desk is working on monitors with 16 mono aux and 4 stereo. None LR or C buses. I use DCA for mute groups. When i want to add channel do DCA i press sel button and next pres and hold assing to mix button and nexy press the sel (or mix button) on channels what i want to assing to DCA. Then appears an error in log file: invalid current mix type (stripinputchannel.cpp:976) and channel did not add to DCA. I must press sel button and MIX button on DCA and then add the channels and is OK.

    Another problem with error is then i want to change whole aux pre or post. I pres sel button on aux and then press pre post button and when in log happend again an error: invalid current mix type (stripauxchannel.cpp:1146). And again i must press mix and sel and then is OK.
    This is normal? I have installed newest firmware 1.63 on all equipment.

    Best regards mario from Poland.

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