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    Hi all, I’m within an inch of committing to an iLive iDR32 rack/laptop (or PC) system, but the final hurdle for me is live recording…
    I’ve used a Fostex 24 track harddisk system for years and it’s been very stable, but if I go for the new system I’ll be looking to record direct to computer (via the Dante card if the price is right) – my issue is: which software do I go for in terms of a very stable recording platform for live shows?
    I don’t care what bells and whistles it has for editing, I really just need something that I can set and know it will keep running while I mix the show…
    Love to hear your thoughts on stuff you’ve used – I’m trying to avoid going Mac, before anyone starts singing the praises of Logic (purely from a compatibility point of view with the rest of my setup at home)!
    Anyone used the pyramix stuff? What about Sonar 8.5?
    I really want to see something with a “save while tracking” sort of thing, so I can hit a save point after each tune, but not have to stop the recording to do it.
    PS This forum is great, I’ve gotten a wealth of information from here so far!

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    I have used Sonar for 10 years. Rock solid. Does what I want, easy to learn. If you want to chat about it directly, feel free to email or PM me. My email is infoATsuburbanlegendaudioDOTcom.

    Jonathan Wade
    Suburban Legend Audio

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    i use samplitude pro ,allows midirecording at the same time ( i record keyboards midi as well,to use better piano sounds on mix)
    approx 10 years too – works great.


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (and soon a dante

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    Thanks for that, Sonar was already on my radar (excuse the shocking pun!), I don’t know much about samplitude yet but have seen it mentioned in my travels around the ‘reliable DAW’ threads, I might pm you both for some more details…
    I also hear good things about reaper – anyone had experiences there? It’s certainly the most cost efficient, but lots of people are attesting to it’s stability and the autosave is apparently very good (I did read some things about Sonar’s autosave causing it to hang?)…
    All input appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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