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    I’ve just ordered my 2nd iLive system, and am expecting delivery anytime soon, yipeee! it’s going to work alongside our existing one. I’ve also ordered a pair of M-Ace cards to facilitate digital mic splits. Great, that’s festival world sorted then T112 out front, T80 on stage.

    I understand how the digital mic splits work, however, am intrigued about another possibility. Now I have an iDR48, and an iDR32. Obviously by using the iDR48 as the ‘master’ rack, we get up to 48 inputs. Is it possible to further use the inputs on the 2nd rack, as inputs 49 – 64? For example as local inputs at FOH? or on stage for a really big specification.

    Same question applies with outputs, are they freely assignable between mixracks?

    Can’t wait to get rolling with the dual iLive Setup! Got lots of major festival work coming up this summer.


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    you said you ordered a PAIR of Ace cards. I thought you only need one since version 1.6 ?
    You put one card in the master-rack and you can connect the ace-B from the master-rack to the Ace-A from the slave-rack.Correct me if i am wrong. that free’s up the port B from the slave-rack to put something else in.(Madi,dante…)

    Save a tree, eat a beaver

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    Oh, really, that is interesting. I’ll have a good look through the 1.6 release notes and see if i can see anything about it. My supplier told me I needed two. And the guide to the M-Ace cards seems to reflect this.

    Thanks for telling me,

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    It looks to me as if what you’re saying is true for dual rack functions, i.e. loads of channels, one desk. But would it work with the two surfaces? The notes suggest not. Has anybody tried it?

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    Hello guys,

    Seems to me that if you connect a surface to each rack you need a ace card in each rack to connect them to each other. if you would use only one surface but two racks you will need only 1 ace card.

    So you’re both right in your own way, but i is righter then you (i think that wasn’t an english sentence, sorry)

    Have fun!


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    Actually it is version 1.63 allows you to run from the “master” B slot with and ACE card into the “slave” A ACE slot. So yes you only need one ACE card from what the release notes say for version 1.63.


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    Hi All

    Just to clarify for you all.

    Dual MixRack mode only supports 1 iLive surface connected to 2 MixRacks which gives upto 128 input channels within the system.

    Firmware –

    1.61 – To setup Dual MixRack mode you need to connect Port B of the master MixRack to Port B of the Slave MixRack. This means with all system you will need to purchase a compatible module card for port B of the Master and Slave.

    1.63 – To setup Dual MixRack mode you need to connect Port B of the master MixRack to Port A of the Slave MixRack. This means that if you have an iDR16,32 or 48 as your slave you just need to purchase 1 ACE card to go into port B of the Master MixRack as Port A of the Slave will have ACE built in.

    Hi Kent

    From what you have described you will be using 2 surfaces within your setup. As this is not supported with Dual Rack.
    You could have 2 independent system e.g. FOH/Monitors connected with a digital mic split.

    FOH T-112 – iDR48 and Monitors T80 – iDR32 connected via ACE

    Once you have used up all of your input channels on the iDR48 you can use the inputs on the iDR32 and tunnel them down the ACE link.
    To send inputs from the iDR32 to the iDR48, go to the outputs page on the idr32 sel the tab ‘Port B’ then output mixrack inputs sockets that you wish to send to the iDR48.
    Then go to the iDr48 and on the ramaining input channels you have left source the input from port B on the relative channels.

    Please Note: the draw back with this setup is that you will not have control of the Analogue gain from the FOH surface T112 only a Trim control. Setting up analogue gain for the idr32 inputs will have to be done by the monitor engineer or you could run editor connected to the iDR32 so you can adjust the gain via a laptop from FOH.

    Hope this helps
    Sam A&H

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    As this thread answered my question perfectly I felt I would post and bump this up for anyone else going to a FOH/Mon setup.

    I just got my T-80 and iDR16 to go with the T-112 and iDR32 I had.

    I was able to split the mic inputs from the iDR32 over to the Mon setup no problem, even bussed the house music feed and FOH talkback over the ACE. Worked with not problems whatsoever.

    Sam is not surprisingly dead on, I was using the iDR16 as a set of inputs as we had 3 bands backlined on stage and needed every input I could. Wasn’t till the first line check I realized I had not control of the mic pre’s on the iDR16.

    This would be a great option, allow you to control the mic pres on the second rack in a Split configuration. I mean we are using ACE, Audio and Control over Ethernet afterall.

    Stephen Tyler
    Coordinator of Technical Operations
    iLive T-112/iDR-32; T-80/iDR-16; iPhone; iPad (soon)

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    I’m sure the answer is included in one of the responses above, but still felt the need to clarify a little further.

    Digital Mic Split:
    – You will need two ACE cards, because each rack pretty much operates independently, because channels are processed independently. You use the ACE cards as a way to route signals between consoles. Yes, you can use the local inputs on the Mon desk, and route them to the house, but preamp control is on the Mon desk.

    Dual Rack Mode:
    – One ACE card on the Master Rack. This ACE connection is used to route signal between the two racks. All your output busses are routed through this card. Processing for the Slave rack is done at the Slave Rack, that is why those inputs can only be routed to channels 65 and up.
    – You need to patch the network bridge Cat5 between the PortB ACE card and the iDR network port so the Master iDR has control over the Slave iDR.
    – Outputs can be patched into whatever socket in whatever rack you want. That is the whole function of the PortB ACE card on the Master rack.

    Hope this clears things out a little.

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.

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    Sam, or any A&H guy really.

    I just got a very similar config to Bill here a t112/idr32 and a t80/idr16. Same deal 112 at foh and 80 at monitors.

    I think the control of the analog gain in a mic split situation is kind of a setback.

    We recently did a show with 3 supporting acts to the headliner, who used more than enough of my idr32 that I had to use the inputs on the idr16. This made for a real Pain in the A$$ scenario, trying to control the gains from the Monitor desk as I had no Mon Engineer while I was running FOH. I ran Monitors for the Headliner in case you were wondering.

    Is it possible we could see the ability for the surfaces to control connected mix racks in the future?

    I guess with the release of the ipad app any day that makes it possible for control from there, the editor is not exactly user friendly in a “oh god I have 5 mins to line check!” scenario.

    Just wondering.

    Stephen Tyler
    Coordinator of Technical Operations
    iLive T-112/iDR-32; T-80/iDR-16; iPhone; iPad

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    Hi Stephen

    Dual surface has been requested before. R&D are looking into this feature for a future release.

    Soon the iPad App will be available that should make things easier and more flexible [:)]

    Sam A&H

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    Sorry to be a pain Sam, but a release date would be very useful!
    I’m hiring a T112 & iDR48 for a series of production and the iPad app would be great!!

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