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    I have just purchased t112 and idr48. It is all working great. I cannot however seem to connect my laptop, I guess I am just not computer literate enough. I plug a cat5e cable from the laptop into the IDR and it shows that it has limited or no connectivity. I cannot seem to change my internet address to change to make the connection. Can some kind soul who is computer literate walk me thru how to make a new connection? THanks in advance

    Jonathan Wade
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    iLive doesn’t have a DHCP server built in, so you need to change your ethernet address to something that is in the same subnet. I think A&H recommends using for an external computer, subnet mask Easy to make the change on a Mac, just open up network preferences and enter a manual address. XP computers are fairly easy as well, Vista and Windows 7 hide stuff and make changing addresses much harder.

    Another solution would be to connect a router, either wired or wireless, to your iLive, set it up with the address noted above, and don’t allow its DHCP server to assign addresses below You should be able to connect to the router, get an address automatically, and then network with the iLive setup. Per the manual:

    MixRack address defaults to Sub mask Surface to TouchScreen to
    We recommend you set:
    Laptop Sub mask Router

    Good luck!

    HH Audio


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    Hi John

    The simplest way to get you up and running is to change your computer IP settings to a static (manual) address so that the ilve system can communicate with the computer.

    I assume your system is running on the default network settings that it came with when you recieved it?

    if so:

    If you are on a PC go to – 1: Go to – Control Panel – Network Connections
    2: Right click on your Ethernet adapter connected to the Ethernet port on the PC – Click on ‘Properties’
    3: Scroll down the connection items menu and select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’
    4: Select Properties
    5: Select: ‘Use following IP Address’
    Enter your new IP Address & Subnet mask – e.g. IP. Sub Net:
    6: Click OK

    If you are using a mac


    1: Go to ‘System Preferences’
    2: Internet & Network – Network
    3: Select Ethernet connection
    4: Set Configure to: Manually – Enter the new IP Address & Subnet Mask
    5: Click Apply

    Hopefully this should fix your problem

    let me know how get on

    Sam A&H

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    Sam, thanks that is exactly what i needed, a path for how to enter a new network address. working like a dream, thanks again.

    IDR48 and T112 surface

    Jonathan Wade
    Suburban Legend Audio

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