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    Would be nice if you could arrange a cashback promotion for early adopters: people that already ordered the Dante card and are already waiting for months now for the delivery…

    What do you think? :-)


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    Hi there,
    new to this forum, new to AH T112 (iDR 48),

    I was looking for a way, how to get multitrack recording from this machine. All i found was buying new M-Dante add card for iDR, which should allow me to get 48/64 channel to my laptop.

    Am I right?

    In most cases, I will use only up to 24 channels (drums, g, k, vocals, bass). So, can you do me a favor and help me, how to do that best, and how much would that cost?
    Thank you guys.

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    Several solutions available for recording, Dante card is just one of them. And it’s not available yet, regarding problems in the Dante Chipset. It is announced for delivering end of may, I guess…
    You can use a MADI card or a MultiOut Card as well for recording, but you need additional devices on the computer side…

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16

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    The MADI set-up works seamlessly for me, either running to a laptop (MacBook Pro) or to the main MacPro. Although it’s more expensive than the Dante (if it ever comes!), it is really quick and stable. I stream 16 – 32 sample channels from Mainstage, whilst simultaneously recording 40 the other way, on the same machine.


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    Looks like Mac rules the way. :)

    Shame I have only a standart laptop (i5, 4GB ram) win 7.
    Dont know, how much money my boss would spend on this type of recording, cause we have more mixes, some analog, some digitals, but in my calculations, buying a splitter, 2 or 3 8x recording cards, this will lead to a price similar or higher then M dante.

    Ok boss, give money!

    After that, i can get a 5e cable (fast ethernet 1Gb/s) directly to my laptom, while the other cable goes to mix, then i have 2 separated “mixing consoles” ?

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    Originally posted by robc on Friday May 6.

    The Dante testing is complete, we are documenting and clearing up some issues with Audinate. We are also in the process of updating the production modules with the latest Audinate MDante firmware release revision. This will take some time, but we hope the cards ship very soon.

    Rob Clark

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