is there a way to clock iliveT/idr48 to 44.1k

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    I’d love to buy an ilive T112/idr48 set but as I understand the description of the MADI Card there’s only the possibilty to have an 48k external clock.
    I have to go 44.1 because my speakercontrollers AES input only accept 44.1k.
    I hate the idea of going through one more DA/AD conversion than necessary by running the analogue ins.
    New Controllers is no Option because there’s ten of them…

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    Nope the system runs on 48K.
    what you could do is use a sample rate converter.
    get the mini multi out card and there are loads of converters that convert adat to different SR’s.
    also for madi there are a few SR’s

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    About the mini mult out card…
    We did a recording using an alesis hd24 using the ADAT from the mmo card.
    The recording sounded distorted on all channels. There was a constant distortion (not a clip sound at high volumes).
    I am saying this because the down conversion from 48k to 44.1k may not be the best in all devices.
    Luckily the HD24 recorder records at 48k as well. We are going to try again this weekend using 48k.
    I will report back in on the findings.
    We are going to take a very methodical approach to finding this problem and will try changing one thing at a time.

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    FYI – we did a test recording again at 44.1k and it sounded bad (same kind of distortion).
    We did a test at recording at 48k and it sounded much better.
    So perhaps the down sampling in the alesis hd24 is not the best.
    So be careful about convertign to 44.1 k. You may not get the results you expect.

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