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    i had a BIG problem today with the ilive editor during a job today. i called tech support in australia like i was instructed to by the website. their guy left and their work day was over according to the nice lady i spoke to on the phone. she said call the UK. did that and got an answering machine.

    meanwhile….back at the gig, i decided to mix the show without the surface on an IDR48 mixrack with a tablet(hardwired). during the gig which happened to be easy since it was only 4 wireless mic channels, in the editor, i wanted to shrink down the inputs window to only show the 4 channels i was using. as i grabbed the edge of the window and dragged it to left side on the screen, i accidentally went to far and shrunk it down to a point that ended behind the menu bar on the left side of the screen, and seemingly lost my inputs screen forever.

    at this point, i no longer had any control of the input channels from the laptop. i tried everything i could in the editor to try and get it back on the screen. restarting the program didnt help. restarting the computer didnt help. the gig eventually ended and thankfully where i left off was good enough for me to limp through to the end. but if this show was something more involved, this would have been absolutely unaaceptable. the only way i was able to get the screen back after the show was to reinstall the ilive editor. is there anyway to get a window back that has been dragged behind the menu on the left side of the screen?!?!?!?!

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    I tested your situation and it is indeed scary that you can make the input window disappear when shrink to the left. There is a workaround to get your inputs back in a second. just select input options in the menu bar under options. there you reselect your input configuration (4*16,2*32,1*64) and magic : your input reappear.[:D]



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    Hi Mike

    For V1.6 Editor we have added new scrolling and expandable navigation features that will not allow this situation to occur.

    Until V1.6 is released please use the workaround Lieven has posted above.

    Sam A&H

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    i just tried the workaround and it worked. i swear i did this as one of many things i tried while on the job but it didnt work. i must not have had the i/p “button” selected at the top when i did it. thanks

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