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    Hello again!

    We use Aviom in our setup, we have the mini multi output card. I’ve sent our Drum channels (10) to an Aux with pre-fade on each channel. I’ve also assigned those 10 channels to a DCA group, when I mute the DCA group then it overrides the pre-fade on aux and sends nothing through the Aux from those channels.

    Am I missing something quite obvious, I’ve looked and read and can’t seem to find my answer.


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    Hi Luis.
    The DCA mute is a ‘remote control’ of the mutes on the channels assigned to the master. When you press the DCA master mute it will mute those channels back at the channel. The channel mute affects all pre and post fade sends. This is preferred by most live engineers. For example, if a guitarist goes to pull out his lead you can quickly mute that channel and prevent the inevitable thump in the monitors as well as the main PA! Of course the DCA master fader level affects only the PA mix, not the pre-fade monitor sends. We are looking at including a future user option to choose whether the auxes follow mute or not.

    For your application you could consider splitting those 10 drum channels so each preamp feeds two channels. The second set of channels could be used for your Aviom mix. If you do not assign the DCA master to those channels then the aux will not be muted when you mute the group. Splitting the sources into two sets of channels also gives you independent EQ and processing for the monitors. This is becoming quite a popular method of mixing when the monitors are controlled independently of the house mix from the same iLive mix engine.
    Hope that helps,
    Carey (A&H)

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    Wow, I’ve tried a couple of things and what’s got me really confused is on the ML4000 I could send channels to Aux Pre-Fade/Mute and basically I don’t have that option anymore?

    I mean I see the Post/Pre option but that only seems to affect fader and not mute button.

    My problem is, is if we have 10 Durm channels, 8 Violins, 3 Choir mics, to group those and send them to Aviom using Aux or Group channels when I mute them it cuts the signal to the aviom.

    The way around it is to split the channels and create duplicates going to the appropriate Auxs, then I would need 20 Drum channels, 16 Violins, and 6 Choir. That’s 42 of my 64 channels already taken…

    Aside from splitting pre-amp channels any other solution that won’t take up so many channels?

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    Could your solution be as simple as one of these?

    1. Set up an aux send for the drum mix to feed Aviom (sounds like you have done this)
    2. Set up a group (not DCA) for drum mix to feed mains.
    3. Mute the group when needed (to remove drums from the mains)and this should leave the aux feed live for the Aviom.
    This would allow you to make a different mix for Aviom.

    Another possibility,

    Send drum mix to 2 different sub groups and use one to feed the mains and the other (Leave unassigned) to feed your Aviom.

    Hope this helps or is even going in the right direction.

    Indiana, USA

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    Thank you for the reply, that still doesn’t really work it will continue to mute the Aux.

    I did find a quick work around that I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, and that’s instead of muting the DCA channel just drop the fader to -infinity. The issue right now is only on our Drums and if the option becomes available later great, but I do have to say that the power that this console has, has calmed me down about the issue =)

    Thanks all for the help!

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