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    Is there an ongoing testing program for suitable cable types? I use Tourcat by Van Damme for most things but this is not on the tested cables list. Is it not suitable or has it not been tested yet?

    R Ritchie

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    Hi Robert

    We have not currently tested the Van Damme – Tourcat here at A&H.
    Cable tests are ongoing so we plan to have more cables tested & approved in future.

    I see on the Van Damme Tourcat Data sheet they only spec upto 85 metres this may not be the case with ACE though.

    Sam A&H

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    I need only about 30 metres, does it really matter if i use simple shielded foilded fleixble cat5 cable?
    It says on the site that you can connect trough simple utp cat5 cable, but it seems you actually have to use the cable types supported by A&H.

    I’m just curious what the limits are of non-supported cat5 cable, anyone any experiences?


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    You don’t have to use the recommended cables – the shorter the distance you need the easier it is to get away with lower quality cables. I’m using standard CAT5 UTP up to 30m and have had no issues. There are other things to consider though – like durability! I wouldn’t expect reliable results at an outdoor concert in a car park, in the rain with stiletto clad women dancing on the cable! [:0] Anyone tried this with the recommended cables???


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    I used Neutrik Etherflex for a couple of years of outdoor gigs, been danced on a few time can’t say about the stiletto’s though.
    Covered it up with rubber mat or used lengths of Defender or Yellow Jacket. Mostly use deployable fibre now, same story rubber mat or Defender. Seems fine and gets me way over the 100m if I need it.

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